Make Android Faster 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

Android is an awesome operating system that provides features, flexibility and power to the users. This mobile operating system keeps on getting better with every release, which makes it the best time to purchase an Android device if you haven’t already. Android devices are becoming extremely powerful with companies boosting the specifications of their devices generation after generation. While the modern Android devices are quite powerful they can get sluggish at times and it could get very annoying to use them. Thankfully there are simple solutions to fix the slowness of Android smartphones and tablets and following the tips below you can greatly make the performance of your Android device better.

In this post we will look for ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet. Let’s get started.

Use less home screens and get rid of widgets

homescreens android 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

First on our list of ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet is removal of home screens and widgets. One of the great features of Android include its ability to allow multiple home screens to users. The OS also has widgets feature that users can add to their home screen to stay updated with different things such as weather, news, social networks etc. Unfortunately if you are experiencing sluggish-ness on your Android smartphone or tablet then you should try getting rid of those extra home screen and widgets. While this could might not be the only solution to your problems this will have a positive impact on your situation.

Get rid of apps you don’t use

Android Apps2 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

I have seen many users who download apps from the Play Store and use them once or twice. Those useless apps then keep on sitting in their device’s memory and some of them even make the OS unresponsive at times. Also apps that haven’t been designed properly could also make your device slower and make your life miserable. Identify those apps and delete them. Play Store now has over 1 million apps for you to download and you will surely get a better replacement for those apps if you look properly. This is one of the most effect ways to speed up Android smartphone.

Install Stock ROM on your device

stock android 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

The stock Android ROM from Google is my favorite among all the ROMs available for Android devices. The stock ROM is simple and clutter free and performs the best on most devices, even better than the ROM those devices are shipped with. If you are experiencing sluggish performance on your Android device try installing the latest available stock ROM on it. Installing other custom ROMs might also improve your device’s situation. It is one of the best ways to speed up Android smartphone.

Free up memory

android memory usage 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

Having free memory on your phone’s internal storage as well as on your SD card can greatly affect the speed of your device and improve it a lot. Having more free space on on your device means it can write more quickly on it and as a result the working speed of your Android device will improve. You can free up space on your Android device by moving pictures, videos and unused data to your computer and deleting apps you don’t use that often.

Install a new launcher

SickSky Launcher 5 ways to speed up Android smartphone or tablet (Tips)

While most people only install app launchers on their Android devices for their looks or features they add to the device. However installing a new launcher could mean a lot more than that. If you having a slow Android device then try installing a new launcher on it. Installing the right launcher could greatly improve the speed of your device. You can see the best options for your device here.

That’s all folks. these are our top ways to speed up Android smartphone. If you have more tips then share with us in the comments section below.

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