Sometimes when people start annoying you on the phone it is better to bar them from calling to you by blocking their phone number. Just like other smartphones Android devices also allow users to block numbers of people they don’t want to talk to however it requires some extra steps. In this post we will show you how you can block any number from calling on your Android smartphone using different ways.

Automatically send all calls to Voicemail

While Android does not allow users to block specific numbers from calling it does give users ability to put calls from specific callers directly to voicemail. If you don’t want to direct the call automatically to voicemail then you can also make your phone remain silent when a specific caller is calling you so you don’t get disturbed.

android people app voicemail Heres how to block any number from calling on your Android smartphone

In order to send all calls from a number directly to Voicemail you need to add it in your contacts first. After you have done that open the ‘People’ app on your Android device and tap on the contact of the person you want to block (put into voicemail directly). Now tap the menu button and then tap on ‘All calls to Voicemail option. From her eyou can also set the ringtone of this number to silent using the ‘Set ringtone’ option.

Block the annoying number with Mr. Number app for Android


Mr. Number is just one of the many third-party apps that are available in the Play Store, which are designed specifically to block undesired calls from different numbers. Using this app you can block as many phone numbers as you want. This app simply blocks the numbers and even prevents unwanted callers to reach your voicemail. Not just calls but Mr. Number also promises to block text messages from specified numbers, which is an added bonus.  You can download this app from .

Use the built-in number blocking feature on Samsung devices

samsung call rejection feature Heres how to block any number from calling on your Android smartphone

Google has not added the number blocking feature to Android however many manufacturers who have their own custom Android ROMs such as Samsung do offer this functionality. On your Android powered Samsung device go click on the menu button and then go to Call settings > Call rejection > Auto reject list. You can add as many numbers on this list as you want. Samsung phones also offer an interesting feature that enables users to block all ‘unknown’ numbers – only allowing the numbers in your contact list to call you. Though this feature is not useful for majority of users.

Ask you carrier to block the number

carrier antenna Heres how to block any number from calling on your Android smartphone

Many carriers provide their customers with the facility to block any specific number they don’t want to talk do. Different carriers who offer this service have different ways of helping their users. Some carriers have specific phone numbers that you can call or text in order to report a number while others need you to call on their helpline. Figure out if your carrier supports this feature and how you can report a number to be blocked from calling you. If your carrier is supportive then this is the most effective and permanent solution to this problem.

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