One of the best features of Google’s Android OS for mobile devices is that it is highly customizable and users can significantly change the behaviour of their their Android powered devices by simply downloading stuff from the Play Store or performing different types of hacks on it – something not possible on iOS. One of the most favorite activity of most Android users is to download and try out different types of launchers on their smartphone. These launchers allow users to launch applications and do different things more conveniently. Here in this post we have gathered a list of top 5 app launchers for Android that are available through the Play Store and support Android Jelly Bean. So let’s get started.

Nova Launcher ()

nova launcher Top 5 app launchers for Android (Round up)

First on our list of top 5 app launchers for Android is Nova Launcher. It is a great app launcher that is highly customizable and easy to use. The main focus of this launcher is to enhance the performance and make it easier for users to navigate on their device and launch different applications. It features different themes allowing users to customize its look, ability for users to change icons of apps, app drawer that can be customized greatly, a scrollable dock that allows users to store 7 icons per page for fast access, customizable folders and much more. Nova Launcher is compatible will all Android 4.0+ devices and is available for free from Google Play Store.

Apex Launcher ()

apex launcher Top 5 app launchers for Android (Round up)

Apex Launcher is another great app launcher for Android devices. It features a scrollable dock, transition effects, customizable grid size for homescreens, option for having up to 9 homescreens, Infinite scrolling, customizable icons, ability to hide applications from the drawer, ability for users to sort their apps, backup feature for data and user’s settings, gestures for homescreen and much more. Apex Launcher truly deserves to be on our list of top 5 app launchers for Android thanks to its long list of features. It is also available for free from the Google Play Store.

SickSky Launcher (beta) ()

SickSky Launcher Top 5 app launchers for Android (Round up)

SickSky Launcher is another great app launch for Android that is designed specifically for Android phones. It follows a different approach than other app launchers on this list and brings a clean and simpler loko that will be appreciated by those who love minimalistic designs. A great thing about this launcher is that its minimalistic design does not affects its quality or features and it offers all the essentials that are available on competing launchers for Android. SickSky Launcher (beta) is also available for free from Play Store.

Buzz Launcher ()

Buzz Launcher Top 5 app launchers for Android (Round up)

Following SickSky Launcher (beta) on our list of top 5 app launchers for Android is Buzz Launcher. Buzz Launcher follows a different approach allowing users to download or create home screens according to their taste. It features ability for users to set a different wallpaper for each screen, edit icons, have multiple grids, manage apps easily by viewing most used apps, recently downloaded apps as well as ability to hide applications. It also features gesture support as well as preview support for view settings. Buzz Launcher for Android is also available for free at the Play Store.

Smart Launcher ()

Smart launcher Top 5 app launchers for Android (Round up)

If you are looking for a minimalist launcher but are not satisfied with the SickSky Launcher (beta) then you should try Smart Launcher, which is among our list of top 5 app launchers for Android. Smart Launcher features a main screen with a quick start menu, supports live wallpapers, allows users to organize apps in their drawer by categories, supports set of icons featured in other app launchers including the ones mentioned above, allows easy access to app’s info and much more. It can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

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