This post focuses on an effective way to speed up iPhone’s stock Camera app. 

iPhoneShutter How to speed up iPhones stock Camera app

Whether you are an Apple fan or not it is hard to not admit that iPhone is a great device. While iOS has its limitations and Android has got some serious competitors that are in many ways better than Apple’s ultimate smartphone, iPhone still has its own place in the market and is here to stay.

So without getting into iPhone vs. rest of the smartphone brands lets cut to the chase and discuss the topic at hand. Many times especially when you have a device that is older than iPhone 5 you would notice that the takes a while to load. This can be very annoying for users as taking the right picture at right time is very important and you would miss a great shot if your camera isn’t ready at the right moment.

In this post we will share a tip about how to speed up iPhone’s stock Camera app or as it is commonly known as This tip has been proven effective and gives a major speed boost the app.

Transfer photos from your iPhone to Computer

The best way to speed up iPhone’s stock Camera app is to transfer all the photos to the computer or any other device. For some strange reason the is connected with the Photos app as it makes the camera roll to the user with a single swipe gesture. So whenever you fire up the it also loads the photos that you have taken using the camera thus taking some time to load properly.

When you move your photos from the iPhone to any other device such as your computer or tablet you save your time as the device’s will no longer take extra time to load photos stored in the camera roll.

While it is recommended that you keep your photos safe in the computer or in any reliable cloud service if you still want to keep photos in the iPhone’s memory in order to access them all the time there’s a simple solution to that too. You can follow the following steps to do so.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and using iTunes sync photos to the computer.
  2. After syncing through iTunes look for the folder in the explorer and create a copy of it. Rename this folder and then sync it to your iPhone.
  3. Once you have synced the photos from the ‘copy’ folder these images will show up in the under the name of folder you created on the PC.
  4. Delete the duplicate photos from Camera roll folder on the iPhone.
  5. That’s it.


This way photos that were previously in camera roll won’t show up in the ‘Camera roll’ folder of the iPhone thus the won’t load them. This will significantly speed up iPhone’s camera app and put an end to the annoying wait you have to suffer from on daily basis.

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