download to dropbox 3 Download files from the Internet directly to your Dropbox account (tip)

Dropbox is the favorite cloud storage service for a large number of Internet users and there are several good reasons why people choose it over the others. If you are a Dropbox user and like to store your files online for instant access across devices as well as for back up and sharing purposes we have got a handy tip for you that will make your life a lot more easier. In this post we are going to share a tip with you that will allow you to download files from anywhere on the web directly to your Dropbox account.

This tip will reduce a lot of work and time on your part and you won’t have to download files from the web and then upload them to your Dropbox account. Following the steps below you can reduce the work and directly upload files to your Dropbox.

All of this is made possible thanks to a Chrome extension that is called Download to Dropbox. Just like its name suggests the extension puts the files you download directly into Dropbox.

In order to add the option of downloading files to Dropbox follow the steps below.

1 ) Launch Chrome browser and go to the Chrome extensions store. You can access the store by opening a new tab > Apps > Store.

2 ) On the store search for Download to Dropbox. From the search result located the extension and add it to your Chrome browser.

download to dropbox 1 Download files from the Internet directly to your Dropbox account (tip)

3 ) Once the extension has been added to the Chrome its icon will appear on top right corner of your screen with a ‘?’ mark. Clicking on this icon will take you to the Dropbox website where you will have to sign in.

4 ) Now Dropbox will ask you for permission about whether you want Download to Dropbox extension to have access to your account or not. Click on the ‘Allow’ button.

download to dropbox Download files from the Internet directly to your Dropbox account (tip)

5 ) Next you will be notified that Dropbox sign in was successful. Close the tab. Now the Download to Dropbox extension is ready for use on your computer.

Note: Thankfully this extension does not uploads every file you download from the Internet to your Dropbox account. For the files you want to upload to Dropbox follow the steps below.

6 ) Right click on the link of file you want to download and click on the ‘Upload to Dropbox’ option. Clicking on this option will download that particular file or folder to your Dropbox account, which will be saved in Apps/Downloads from Chrome folder of your Dropbox account.

download to dropbox 2 Download files from the Internet directly to your Dropbox account (tip)

That’s it! Download to Dropbox is a great extension that adds a very useful feature to Chrome browser. The extension not only supports links but can also work on downloadable video. Just right click on the video and upload it to your Dropbox account.

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