multipage post Get rid of multi page articles by following these tips

Often when you come across and interesting but long article and decide to read it on the internet you come to a sad realization that you will have to jump to several pages in order to read the article. This can be very disturbing since you have to load a new page every time you finish a paragraph. Many great sites that I personally read online have this problem and it makes me crazy.

Thankfully there several clever ways that you can use in order to avoid this problem and enjoy your favorite article online in a single page format. In this post we will share tips with you that will help you in getting rid of the annoying multi-page articles.

Use online reader services

If you want to find a way to read your favorite articles from your favorite websites without the annoyance of multi-page articles then the best practice is to use online read services such as Readability, Pocket, Evernote or others. Using these services you will not only be able to get rid of the annoying article format but you will also be able to read articles in a minimalistic environment while being distraction free of ads and all sorts of annoying stuff different websites have on their web pages.

Read the article in Print-friendly mode

Many websites including the ones that have the annoying multi-page article format allow users to print articles using the ‘print’ button, which is present on their website. You can simply click on this button after which the whole article will appear in a single page ready to get printed. You can read the multi-page article on the print friendly page without any problem. If the website forces you to print the article then simply click cancel button and you are good to go.

Use Page One extension for Chrome or Safari

If you are a Chrome or Safari user then you can view the multi-page article on a single page by installing the Page One extension on these browsers. This extension supports a wide range of websites who offer multi-page articles including the most popular ones. Though it has some limitations and will only work if the website allows users to print the articles or view all items at once.

Use Re-Pagination on Firefox browser

If you are not a use of the browsers mentioned above and use Firefox browser for web browsing then you can use Re-Pagination extension for the purpose. This extension just like Page One can help users in reading multi-page articles easily. Once you have installed Re-Pagination extension on Firefox simply open the multi-page article and right-click on the ‘Next’ link of button. Then choose Re-Pagination option and then from the menu select ‘Load All’. This will load all the pages at once so you can enjoy your favorite article.

[Hat tip: LifeHacker]

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