google+ photos app hack 1 How to activate Google+ Photos app on Windows or OS X (Guide)

Sometime ago Google launched a new Google+ Photos app exclusively on its Chrome OS powered Chrome Pixel notebook. The company released this useful app on its own hardware first but hinted that  it will be arriving on other platforms which includes Windows and OS X later. Now it has been discovered that this Chrome app already supports Windows as well as OS X softwares while Google has yet to official recognize it.

The Google+ Photos app works perfectly on Windows or OS X however when users try to install it from the Chrome Web Store they get an error saying “not supported on this platform”. There is a way to bypass this limitation and install the  Google+ Photos app on platforms other than Chrome OS. In this post we will show you how you can do that.

1 ) Launch Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computer and open the Chrome web store on it.

2 ) Search for Google+ Photos app. Now on this page you will find a button that says ‘Add to Chrome‘ button. Right click on this button and then selection ‘Inspect Element’ option.

google+ photos app hack How to activate Google+ Photos app on Windows or OS X (Guide)

3 ) Now you will have to search for a command from the inspection area that is on your screen. In order to do so press the CTRL+F buttons from your keyboard if you are using Windows or press CMD+F buttons if you are using a Mac.

4 ) On the search bar type ‘webstore-button-disabled’ and hit enter. Now this term will be highlighted on your screen with yellow pointer. Double click on it and then erase it using the backspace button and then hit enter.

google+ photos app hack 2 How to activate Google+ Photos app on Windows or OS X (Guide)

5 ) You will now notice that the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, which was previous grey and unclickable has turned blue and you can click on it. Go ahead and install Google+ Photos app on Chrome by clicking on this button.

Please note that the very first time you will launch this new app on Chrome you will get a warning that says the app is not designed for your device. Just click on ‘Run anyway’ option and you are good to go.

Using this app you will be able to upload and share your photos to Google+ using Chrome browser. The photos will be backed up on the social networking site and will be automatically organized. The app makes it extremely easy to back up photos as whenever you insert a SD card to your computer it will detect it and upload all the photos in it to the Google+ Photos. In case you are worried about privacy then don’t be as the photos are uploaded in private mode and user can decide if he or she wants to share them with Google+ friends or not.

Users can share the photos they want and restrict others while they are still uploaded to the social network. The app works offline as well so you can view your recent photos even without internet connectivity.

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