android recovery mode1 How to factory reset Android smartphone or tablet without booting it

It is very simple to reset your Android device to factory settings when it is running but the things can get complicated when you have to reset it to factory settings while it won’t turn on. If you are experiencing a situation in which you Android smartphone or tablet has been bricked and it is not turning on then you can perform a factory reset on it following the method described in this post.

Remember all of your data stored on this device will be lost. Before you proceed with this method of factory resetting an Android smartphone make sure your data is backed up.

In this process we will be performing a hard reset on your Android smartphone or tablet by booting it into a special recovery mode. Before you begin turn the device off completely.

1 ) Once your device is turned off put it into recovery mode. Once you have entered the recover mode you will see the Android system recovery menu located on top of your screen.

2 ) On this menu there will be an option that says wipe data / factory reset. Select this option to factory reset you device and wipe all of you data stored on it. You can get to this option from the menu using the volume keys. Once the highlighter is on that option you have to press the power button to select it.

3 ) Now you will be asked to confirm whether you want to wipe all of your data and factory reset the device or not. Select ‘Yes’ using the volume buttons and then hit power button to select.

android wipe data factory reset How to factory reset Android smartphone or tablet without booting it

Now your device will be restted to the factory settings. Please note that if your device freezes at any point during the reset process you can hold the power button to restart it.

That’s it. Using the method above you can factory reset your device without even booting it in normal mode.

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