facebook+Android How to download photos from Facebook app the easy way (Android)

There are times when you feel like downloading some photo your friend or some page has shared on Facebook. Although you can view the photo on your timeline you cannot download it if you are using an Android smartphone or tablet. This could be very annoying since you have to turn your computer on just to download that particular photo from Facebook and then copy it to your mobile device to have it. If you have faced that problem and would like to download photos from Facebook app on Android then you have come to the right place as in this post we will show you how to download photos from Facebook app the easy way.

Thanks to the way Android works you can modify the way any app work. We are going to do the same in order to add the download option for photos into the official Facebook app for Android.

In order to download photos from Facebook app you need to download the Facebook Photo Downloader app, which is available from the Google Play Store for free. The Facebook Photo Downloader app is capable of downloading any photo from the social networking site as long as it is visible to you. The app adds an option in the official Facebook app, which means you don’t have to leave the application in order to download a photo you like.

Here is how you can download any photo from Facebook app for Android.

1 ) Download Facebook Photo Downloader app on your Android device . It is available for free.

2 ) Once the app has been downloaded launch the official Facebook app.

3 ) Now open any photo you would like to download and store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

facebook photo downloads android How to download photos from Facebook app the easy way (Android)


4 ) Once you have opened the page for the photo you want tap on the share option of the app. There you will see an option titled ’1Click Save’. Tap on it.

That’s it! Your photo will now be saved to your device’s storage under the folder called Facebook Pics.

Facebook Photo Downloader app brings the simplest way to download photos from world’s largest social networking website on Android OS. What makes it the best solution is that you don’t have to leave the official Facebook app in order to download photos and it adds the option within the app. Also there are no options to configure and that’s an added bonus.


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