Right now we are living in the post PC era where smartphones and tablets such as iPhone or iPad have taken over our digital lives. These devices have become essential tools for everyone no matter which profession they belong to. Nowadays iOS and Android devices are playing a major part in helping college students in accomplishing different tasks. These must have apps enable college and university students to be more punctual, effective and efficient in their studies. In this post we are going to mention top 5 apps every college student should have in his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


 Five iOS apps every college student should have in his iPhone or iPad

While Evernote is not designed only for students and is relevant to a wide range of people it is one of the best tools to organise life and keep track of everything happening around. Using Evernote app college students can take notes and organise them in different tags, notebooks and more. Students can also take photos of what’s written on the blackboard and save them with a specific course’s name to make it easier to find it. One of the best features of Evernote app is that it is also available on the Mac and supports iCloud sync. So everything on your iPhone or iPad will also appear on the Mac and vice versa. You can download Evernote for free .

iTunes U

itunes u iphone Five iOS apps every college student should have in his iPhone or iPad

The iTunes U service and the iTunes U app on the iPhone and iPad is one of the best online resource for college and university students. Offered by Apple for free iTunes U provides a wide range of courses that are from different universities on a wide range of subjects and topics. The lectures featured in iTunes U can be from your own university or from any other well known university that you can use as a supplementary tool for your studies. One of the best features of this Apple service include free lectures in video form, automatic downloads and more. You can download iTunes U app for your iPhone or iPad . It is available for free.

iStudiez Pro

 Five iOS apps every college student should have in his iPhone or iPad

Although it is a paid app mark my words, you won’t regret spending $2.99 on this little piece of software for your iOS device. It is the ultimate tool for students that reminds them of assignment deadlines or upcoming tasks with push notifications, manage their schedule so they don’t miss their class ever, track their assignments and more.

iWork apps

iwork apps ios Five iOS apps every college student should have in his iPhone or iPad

Ok this is not a single app but a full suite of tools created by none other than Apple itself. The iWork apps that are available for both iOS and Mac can help college students in creating presentations, spreadsheets, long assignments and much more. All three iOS apps that include Pages, Numbers and Keynote are also available through Apple’s iCloud website. With the iCloud sync feature you can work on documents regardless of which device or platform you are using as changes are reflected on all connected devices. You can download iWork apps for your iOS device from the links below.


 Five iOS apps every college student should have in his iPhone or iPad

If you are a college student who does not want to carry around the bulky graphic calculator than QuickGraph+ app is for you. It is a super easy and powerful app that enables students and professionals alike to create graphs in a few steps. It is a great app for students who are studying maths or a related courses. With this app you can do polar, cylindrical, cartesian, spherical coordinate systems. You can also do hyperbolic and inverse functions. On top of all those features this app also features a common function library that gives allows students to analyse data quickly. You can download QuickGraph+ app for your iPhone or iPad from . It is available for $1.99.

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