office 365 1 Microsoft finally makes Office Mobile for iPhone a reality

Office is one of the most important product for Microsoft and the company makes huge sums of profit from this software. While the Office has been unbeatable on the PC, Microsoft hasn’t been able to make it that big on the post-PC devices which include smartphones and tablets. Microsoft has made the Office apps available on its own platforms but not on rival operating systems which includes the iOS and Android.

Today however that has changed a bit as the company has finally released the Office Mobile for iPhone in the App Store allowing the Apple mobile users to create, view and edit Office files while on the go. Although the app has been released on the iPhone, Microsoft has yet to show its love for the iPad as Office Mobile is not a universal application. Microsoft has released the Office Mobile for iPhone as a companion app for Office. This app allow users to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

The app show the documents as they appear on the desktop version and supports charts, SmartArt graphics, shapes as well as animations. The Office Mobile for iPhone comes with support for the cloud which means your new and old documents are stored on Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud storage offering. The app with the help of the cloud integration shows the documents user has viewed recently on any other device.

office 365 4 Microsoft finally makes Office Mobile for iPhone a reality With  the Resume Reading feature of the Office Mobile for iPhone users can resume from where they left the document last time on any other device thanks to the SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro integration. So if you viewed a document  and left at certain point on your PC you can start from that very point on your iPhone or any other tablet.

In order to use this app users need to have an active subscription of Office 365. In order to take full advantage of the app users will also need to have the Microsoft Office 2013 edition on their computers. The app supports iOS 6.1 or later on iPhone 4 or above and iPod touch 5th generation.

Office Mobile for iPhone is available in the App Store for free .

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