boxer for iPhone Mailbox inspired New Boxer for iPhone aims to become your primary mail app

Emailing is an integral part of the smartphone experience and most iPhone users manage majority of their emails through their smartphone. There are many mail apps available in the App Store that are pretty good at their job but if you are not satisfied from the lot of mail apps already available for iOS then there’s always choice available in the App Store.

A new app called Boxer for iPhone has been released that aims to handle your email differently than traditional mail app. The app is heavily inspired by the popular Mailbox app and is a good alternative for someone looking for a different email experience from these mail apps. Boxer is all about doing things on the go. It features gesture based controls that allow users to control perform different actions quickly. The Boxer for iPhone app also includes a to-do list feature in mail which is similar to Mailbox app.

Boxer for iPhone supports all major email services including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud, Aol, Exchange (2007+) and Hotmail. More services will be added soon. Also it is worth noting here that the push notifications are currently available for Gmail users only.

boxer for iPhone 2 Mailbox inspired New Boxer for iPhone aims to become your primary mail app

Features of Boxer for iPhone include integration for Dropbox, profile pictures for contacts through Facebook and LinkedIn, easy to use swipe based controls, Quick replies, Like for emails that tells your friend that you like the message he or she has sent to you and more. One of the nicest feature of this app is that it allows users to secure their email with a passcode or PIN to enhance their privacy.

Users can tap on the profile picture of any of their contact and see the recent exchange of email, phone numbers as well as links to social profiles.

Apart from the nice features mentioned above the Boxer for iPhone features a really nice interface that makes it easier for users to get used to this application.

If you are impressed with Boxer for iPhone and iPod touch then you can download it right now. It is available for free in the App Store.

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