fcestlr9870adfas Face Stealer app replaces your face with some other real face during video calls

A new app called Face Stealer adds a fun and creepy feature to video calling of today. Thanks to the smartphones and tablets today video calling is a feature accessible to everyone with internet connection and best of all it costs nothing. Now after becoming widespread this technology has been further developed by different companies who are working to make the video calling experience better for users by improving quality and introducing new features.

The Face Stealer app has been developed by Yahoo! Japan and is available for both iPhone and iPad devices. What Face Stealer does is it enables users to hide their face during video calls using a virtual mask. The virtual mask can be any available person’s face. The app not only places a real looking mask on user’s face but it also shows expressions in real time. So the app will show your expression and head movements as you move or respond giving other person a realistic look. A great thing about this app is that it allows users to use any face of their choice. It has many built-in masks that  users can put to use or they can download any image from the web and use it as their mask. Users can also have their own images, such as their friend’s and use it in video calling.

face stealer 1 Face Stealer app replaces your face with some other real face during video calls

The rendering of the mask in Face Stealer app isn’t perfect and the person on the other side of the video call will know that its not your real face but still its a fun concept and could be used for entertainment purposes, or with unknown people you don’t want to share your face with. So you can use the app for anonymous video calls.

The Face Strealer app for iPhone and iPad is available for free .

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