firestower FlameStower is a unique charger that juices up smartphones with burning fire

Over the past few months we have seen several new types of smartphone chargers that used alternate sources of energy in order to charge these devices, which includes the solar phone charger as well as the energy generated by a crank. Now a new charger has been introduced that takes a unique approach by charging the devices with the burning fire’s energy.

This fire charger is called FlameStower and is designed specifically for those who camp outside as well as a backup in times of power outages and natural disasters. The FlameStower fire charger does not require any electric source other than a burning fire and is capable of charging multiple types of devices thanks to its USB connector.

The FlameStower fire charger for smartphones is being marketed for use not only in outdoor conditions but for the indoor conditions as well. The creators of this device believe that it can act as an alternative source even when you are present in your house as it does not require grid.

What makes FlameStower better than the alternate energy chargers for smartphones such as those that are powered by the solar phone charger or those which require the user to rotate a crank in order to generate energy is that the fire source is available 24 hours a day. Once you have light up the fire in the FlameStower you can charge the device without any troubles and don’t have to worry about availability of sunlight which is unavailable in the night or crank charger that requires a lot of work from you.

According to the creators of FlameStower fire charger for smartphones this device is capable of adding enough juice to the device in just 1 minute that user can have a talk time of up to 2 to 4 minutes. It has a maximum power output of 3W whereas the average power output is 2W.

firestower 1 FlameStower is a unique charger that juices up smartphones with burning fire

FlameStower features a simple and durable design. It is lightweight and its design makes it easier to carry around when you are going outdoors on a camping trip. This fire charger accessory for smartphones supports different heat sources and works with any open flame. The quality of charge depends on the heat generated by the fire – more heat means more power.

FlameStower is currently raising funding at Kickstarter where it has already generated over $17,000 of its $15,000 goal. There are still 27 days remaining in the campaign, which gives you enough time to decide whether you want it for yourself or not. You can get one for $70 or more.

Watch FlameStower in action in the video below.

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