Nomad cable 1 Nomad Cable is the perfect sync and charge cable for your smartphone

Everyone knows how annoying it is when you are out somewhere and do not have the USB cable to connect your smartphone or tablet to your laptop or a friend’s desktop in order to transfer data or recharge it. It happens quite often because the cables that come with our device or are available in the market are too long and are not easy to carry around. So when leaving the house people prefer not to carry the cable that they may or may not need.

To solve this problem and to help you in syncing as well as recharging your smartphone or tablet on the go ythe Nomad Cable by a company called KERO is here. It is a small 3-inch USB cable that connects with any Android or iOS powered device with its MicroUSB or Lightning connector. On one side this small cable has the typical USB connector that goes into the computer while on the other side it has the connector that goes into the portable device.

The most important thing about the Nomad Cable, which makes it different from any other cable is that it is ultra portable and super easy to carry around. It can be added in the key chain or simply carried in the pocket. The small size makes it suitable for use while you are out in the park or a cafe, at home or work etc. It is also great for people who travel a lot.

The Nomad USB cable supports a wide range of devices as it features a MicroUSB connector. Almost all Android powered devices come with this kind of port making this cable compatible with any Android device you have. So even if you own more than one gadget that has the same kind of port you can use your Nomad Cable with both of them.

Then there’s the lightning connector that connects with all recent iOS devices including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod touch 5th generation.

The Nomad USB cable by KERO is currently available through Kickstarter where it has already completed its goal of $14,000 and is currently active with over $14,000. There are still 23 days left for the campaign to complete so you still have a chance to get one for yourself. The final delivery of these small cables for smartphones and tablets will be made in November 2013.

You can get a Micro USB  Nomad cable for your Android device by pledging $12 to the project here. By pleding $23 you can get a Micro USB Nomad Cable as well as a 8GB USB Flash Drive by KERO.

kero Nomad Cable is the perfect sync and charge cable for your smartphone

For those looking to buy the Nomad cable with Lightning connector they will have to pledge $24 to the project, which will get you a Micro USB cable as well.

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