a ChargeCard is a Credit Card Sized Charger for Smartphones

If you are like me then your smartphone runs out of battery all the time due to heavy usage. And if you have battery issues with your smartphones then you would know how frustrating it is to carry the charger with you all the time. Now a solution to your battery related problems has arrived in shape of the new ChargeCard device.

ChargeCard is a pocket sized credit card like device that can be placed in wallet or pocket when not in use. What is does is pretty simple, it charges your smartphone no matter wherever you are without the need of the dedicated charger, provided you have a power source with you.

chargecard1 ChargeCard is a Credit Card Sized Charger for Smartphones

The ChargeCard is a small sized card that features a charging connector for iPhones as well as microUSB equipped Android phones. This small pocket sized smartphone charger has two sides. One side features a connector that goes into the USB port allowing users to charge and sync their smartphone using a laptop, PC, or a universal charger. On the other side ChargeCard features a USB plug that goes inside the device’s charging port. The two separate versions are available for iPhone 4/4S’s 30 pin connector and MicroUSB for Android smartphones. Both of these models are now selling for $25.

The iPhone 5 version of ChargeCard, which features support for it’s lightning connector is also under process and will be made available in May of this year. You can pre-order on for your iPhone 5 for $25.

You can buy or pre-order your ChargeCard from here.

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