juices+ cables Elegant and classy JUICIES+ cables are a must have for design lovers

Have you ever noticed that the charging cable that comes with any high or low-end smartphone always feels cheap. Even Apple, which is famous for creating gorgeous designs and taking care of even minute details of everything related to its products ships a cable that is of a normal quality with seriously lacking the ‘wow’ factor. Same is true for other top brands including Samsung, HTC and more.

Charging cables are one of the most important accessories of a smartphone and are still a preferred choice for users for syncing purposes as well even though most smartphones now support wireless sync now. So something needed to be changed and a small team set out to do exactly that for customers everywhere regardless of the brand of their smartphone.

As a result they created JUICIES+ cables. The JUICIES+ cables have been created by keeping the design factor in mind. For the beautiful smartphones that come with ugly charging cables this Kickstarter project aims to provide customers what they have waiting for. A charging cable that is not only better looking but is also tangle free and lighter in weight.

juices+ cables 1 Elegant and classy JUICIES+ cables are a must have for design lovers

Made from recycled aerospace grade aluminium the JUICIES+ cables simply look like they have been made by Apple as attention to detail as far as it looks in the photos and videos is quite impressive. Unlike the cables that come with the devices the JUICIES+ cable for smartphones and tablets has the same persona as that of the high-end devices. Not only do they look good but these cables are also much stronger, durable and flexible than the stock cables.

Another great feature of JUICIES+ cable is that it is made from woven cable that makes it tangle free. The woven cables as well as other materials used to create these cables make them lighter.

When it comes to compatibility JUICIES+ has got everyone covered. There are two types of cables one of which is a lightning cable made for the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices including the upcoming iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5. While the other one is the microUSB cable that supports a wide range of devices including Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC phones, Lumia phones, LG phones, Blackberry, Sony and more. Basically any device with standard microUSB port will charge and sync with JUICIES+.

Thanks to the quality of the product and low price the JUICIES+ Kickstarter campaign has already achieved their original goal price of $40,000 with 58 days still remaining.

The pricing for the JUICIES+ starts from $15. You can get one for yourself by pledging to the project here. The expected shipment date for these cables is 1 January of next year.

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