The days have passed when people used to ask what is 3d printing and how does a 3d printer work, the hot question these days is which one is the cheapest 3d printer available in the market. Over the past one or two years 3D systems have been optimized resulting in cheapest 3d printer availability for the end users. Now these printers are available in the market at a price that is so low that anyone who has the slightest interest in 3D printing can purchase them by paying a few hundred dollars. In this post we will list the top 5 most affordable 3D printers you can buy right now.

Printbot Simple

printbot simple main Cheapest 3D printer list for 2013 that has revolutionized the 3d systems

Thanks to the researchers continues effort to develop the 3d systems that resulted in affordable printers. The Printbot Simple just like its name suggests is a simple 3D printer that is designed in a way that it can be used by both experts and amateurs alike. It is a minimalistic device which contains features that were needed for it to work properly and that does the job it is intended for pretty nicely. It is capable of creating 3D objects for the users at the precision of 0.1mm and more. It has a printing volume of 100mm or 4-inch cube. The Printbot simple does not features the heat bed and can be used to print objects in PLA only. It is one of the cheapest and most affordable 3D printers out there as it only costs $299. You can buy one for yourself here.

Solidoodle 3D Printer 3rd generation

solidioodle 3rd gen Cheapest 3D printer list for 2013 that has revolutionized the 3d systems

Solidoodle is another simple looking 3D printer that would fall in budget for most 3D printing enthusiasts. It is capable of created objects of plastic of up to  8″ x 8″ x 8″. It uses the 1.75mm plastic filament to print objects. Made up of durable metal frame the Solidoodle features a case for print of 3.5″ x 14″ x 14″. It has a heated build platform, interior lighting, open design and more.

On the software side it can print 3D files that are in STL format and supports the open source software that is available online. Users of all major desktop operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux can use this 3D printer. You can get one for yourself for $799 here.

Makibox A6 LT

makibox a6 lt Cheapest 3D printer list for 2013 that has revolutionized the 3d systems

One of the most affordable and the cheapest on this list of 3D printers is Makibox A6 LT. It is a small device that is suitable for creating 3D objects with lower temperature plastics. It features a printing output dimension of 50mm wide x 110mm deep x 90mm. The positional resolution of this device is 0.04mm. It is a great device for anyone who wants to try 3D printing for the first time as well as anyone who is a regular user. You can get a Makibox A6 LT for $200 here.


robo 3D Cheapest 3D printer list for 2013 that has revolutionized the 3d systems

We have covered Robo 3D’s Kickstarter campaign before and we are listing this great 3D printer again because it is that good. It is a low cost and open source device that prints highly detailed objects. It is great for both amateurs and experts alike and is not that difficult to operate. It has a large printing are of 254mm x 254mm x 203.20mm that allows users to print large as well as small sized objects. It costs $599 for the PLA model and $699 for the ABS + PLA model. You can buy Robo3D printer here.

Pirate3D Buccaneer

buccaneer printer Cheapest 3D printer list for 2013 that has revolutionized the 3d systems

After succesfully completing its Kickstarter campaing Pirate3D’s Buccaneer 3D printer will again go on sale for everyone in December. It is a nice and easy to use printer that is designed in such a way that anyone can use it. It has features like Cloud WiFi printing and mobile support that make it a perfect tool for everyone regardless of the expertise. It has a printing area of build volume of 15 x 10 x 12 cm and best layer resolution of 100 macrons. The nozzle diameter of this device is 0.4cm. The chassis of Buccaneer is made up brushed aluminum that provides it with durability as well as a beautiful look. Once it goes on sale the Buccaneer 3D printer will be available for around $347, which was its Kickstarter price. Now you are in good position to select the cheapest 3d printer  available in the market for your 3d printing needs. You can stay updated with its updates here.

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