We have written about 3D Printers here a few times and have discussed the potential of this technology and its prospects on many occasions. The 3D Printing is becoming more and more common these days and different companies and startups are working on making it a standard for every person who could use a computer and can print something on a paper.

4d printing Forget 3D, Scientists Already Working on 4D Printing

While 3D printing is being made simpler for an average consumer Scientists are already moving forward in a new direction which is now dubbed as 4D printing. A group of scientists at the MIT university have developed a  new kind of printing method that would allow users to print things in 4D instead of just 3D. This is the first time this term has been used for printing something using a computer. Of course even 3D printing is a new phenomena for an average user and 4D printing could make it even more confusing.

So what’s the different between 3D and 4D printing. Well it is simple, the 4D printed object once printed will be capable of changing its shape over time and naturally. So in the beginning the process will be similar to 3D printing but difference occurs afterwards. In the demonstration of the concept Scientists used thin strands of plastic which after getting water form a predetermined shape. The formation is done by absorption of energy.

So how the 4D Printing would be useful for us in the future you might wonder. Well the answer to that question is very useful. It can be used for making furniture, pipes, bikes and even buildings. Scientists are continuing work on evolving this technology and are looking for possibilities of utilizing other energy sources such as heat, vibration and sound.

See the 4D Printing phenomena in action in the video below.

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