Nowadays almost every household has internet connection and WiFi router. Having good wifi signal strength has become an essential part of our lives and it is something we can’t live without. Select your best WiFi signal booster from the  list we prepared for you to buy this year.  One of the biggest problems WiFi routers have right now is that they only provide users with coverage, which means you cannot get the internet signals at every corner of the house let alone across the street or at your friend’s house who lives in the neighborhood.

While there’s nothing we can do about the limited range of WiFi routers we can expand their capability by adding signal boosters. Signal boosters essentially catch the signals and throw them ahead increasing range of a WiFi router. They are pretty effective so if you have signal problems at your home or office you should definitely give them a try.


D-Link Systems Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320)

D Link Systems Wireless Range Extender Buy Best WiFi signal booster from 2013 list

First on our list of best WiFi signal boosters is D-Link System’s DAP-1320 wireless range extender. It is a small-sized device that can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. This WiFi booster is suitable for both home and office set ups and allows users to extend the coverage of their existing WiFi networks without any further customizations. It is easy to set up and capable of delivering up to 300Mbps wireless performance. It supports all types and brands of WiFi devices. You can get a D-Link Systems Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) for $42.99 .

Long Range Wi-Fi Signal Booster

315iSO1JmiL. SX355 Buy Best WiFi signal booster from 2013 list

If you are looking for a small sized and long ranged WiFi booster than look no further than ‘Long Range WiFi Signal strength Booster’. It is a simple device that is capable of amplifying signals of up to 2.4GHz frequency. It can be used in homes and small offices and be configured to run on current WiFi networks. This Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier comprises of wireless signal booster that attaches to the wireless access point, antenna to send signals furtehr as well as a RG316 cable. It also comes with a power adapter. This Long Range WiFi booster is available for $84 .

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router Buy Best WiFi signal booster from 2013 list

If you are looking for a multipurpose device that can boost your current WiFi signal strength as well as act as a standalone WiFi router if needed than look no further than Securifi Almond wireless router and range extender. This device is among the best WiFi signal boosters and it features a really nice design that makes it perfect for indoors. It also has a touch screen that presents a colorful menu that can be used to configure this device. Thanks to the touch screen this Wifi router and WiFi range extender can be configured without the need of a PC. It is capable of detecting internet connection automatically. You can get one for yourself for $90 .

GE 45138 Choice-Alert Wireless Signal Repeater

GE 45138 Choice Alert Wireless Signal Repeater Buy Best WiFi signal booster from 2013 list

For those looking for a cheap solution to boosting signals of their current Wi-Fi network GE 45138 Choice-Alert Wireless Signal Repeater is a great option in our list of best WiFi signal boosters . It is a single-purpose device that does the job nicely. It can expand the signal range to up to 150-feet, which is sufficient for most home and office users. It is also plug and play so you don’t have to go through complicated procedures to install it. Using this device you can also create your own alarm system. One of the great features of this WiFi signal booster is that it work with chain option as well, which means you can add as many repeaters as you want in a chain to get maximum out of your WiFi  network. It is available in the market for around $20 .


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