There are thousands of gadgets available in the market that you can purchase with a click of a button and without even leaving your home. Some of them are pretty useful while are others not so much. There are also some crazy gadgets that although seem odd at the first look can be very useful for you in doing different things. In this post we have complied a list of a few crazy gadgets that you would want to buy for yourself after seeing them. Let’s get started.

Elecom NFC Android Wireless Keyboard

Elecom NFC Android Keyboard etechmag 5 crazy gadgets you would want to throw your money at

This small NFC wireless keyboard for Android converts any smartphone into a tiny workstation. As NFC in its name suggests it wireless connects to any compatible Android smartphone that has the near field communication technology. The Elecom NFC Android Wireless keyboard cuts the qwerty style keyboard in half and lets user place their smartphone in the middle. It requires Android 4.0 or higher to work. It is made up of silicone and measures 2.6×13.4×0.4. If you like it then buy it from Amazon where it is available for around $40

Star Wars R2-D2 interactive money bank

r2 d2 money bank 5 crazy gadgets you would want to throw your money at

If you are a Star Wars fan who would like to save some money then Star Wars R2-D2 money bank is just the right crazy yet useful gadget for you. It is an interactive device that allows users to save money as well as have a R2-D2 action figure in their room. It is not a normal money bank and supports Android and iOS smartphones. It provides maximum security to your precious saving by requiring PIN security code for unlock. The code can be entered using the smartphone. Not only that but it also features fun sounds and lights that make it a worthy purchase. You can get one for yourself from the market for $34

Kisai Maru Wood LCD Watch

Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch 5 crazy gadgets you would want to throw your money at

If you have a thing for wood texture and like to wear wrist watches in the era of smartphones then Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch is for you. This wooden beauty which comes in options of maple and red sandalwood features a digital LCD display that has 60 tick marks. It indicates time using its longer and shorter hands. Instead of normally showing time it’s hands tell the time differently. The hand that faces the inward direction tells hours whereas the one that faces outward direction shows minutes. The watch is also capable of playing a little animation every 5 minutes and the watch is powered by a standard battery. It is available for around $130 here.

Eton BoostTurbine 2000mAh Portable Backup Battery

eton 1 5 crazy gadgets you would want to throw your money at

Next on our list of crazy gadgets is a device that aims to do something useful. Low amount of battery life is the biggest problem smartphone users face. The Eton BoostTurbine 1000mAh Portable Backup battery pack is a crazy gadget that somewhat solves that problem. It is a 1000mAh battery pack that allows users to generate electricity for their smartphone by rotating its hand turbine. While it is not a device that can fully recharge your device it is great for emergency purposes. 1 minute of cranking generates enough charge needed for a 30 second call, which makes it perfect for taking outdoors and keeping at home for when power runs out. It is a small and portable device made up of aluminium, which makes it durable and light. You can get one for yourself for around $50 .

Waka Waka Solar powered portable lamp

waka waka lamp 5 crazy gadgets you would want to throw your money at

Do you enjoy camping in the night or reading in a dark room? If yes then Waka Waka Solar Powered Lamp is for you. Although strangely named it is a pretty useful gadget that can prove very useful at certain times. It can be charged with the solar energy. According to the company that makes this product the Waka Waka solar powered lamp can work up to 40 hours on a single day’s charge, which is pretty amazing. Another feature of this lamp is that it is capable of charging other devices as well through its USB port. So if you are running low on your smartphone or any other device just plug it in. It is a lightweight device that serves its purpose well. You can get it for $65 .

That’s our list of crazy gadgets you would want to buy. Let us know of you thoughts in the comments section below.

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