nix accessory 1 Nix is a small Smartphone and PC accessory that lets you read colors

We live in a colorful world and it is impossible to remember the names of each and every color out there. There are times when we stumble upon a shade of color that catches our eye and we decide to use on our website, logo or paint our bedroom wall with it. However most of the time we are unable to figure out the name of the color as their’s no easy way to do that.

Luckily for us a new accessory called Nix has been created to solve this problem. Nix is a small patent pending accessory that works with both smartphone and PCs. It allows users to scan any colorful surface and detect the color. It comes with a sensor that sends the information to the smartphone or PC, which then reads the data and displays the correct details of the color. Nix is capable of scanning any surface and showing instant results to the users.

The Nix accessory itself is a small pocket sized device that looks like a black diamond. It consists of a sensor which omits light and is located at the bottom. When user places the device onto a surface it completely blocks any external light hitting that area and throws its own light on it. This way user gets the same color that he or she saw with eyes with an external light causing any influence.

How this works is pretty simple. To scan any color and get its details all you have to do is take out your Nix and place it on the surface of the object. After placing Nix launch the dedicated app on your iOS or Android powered smartphone. It also supports Windows and Mac platforms. You will instantly see the results of the scan on the app. The app not only shows the exact shade of the color but also gives details like RGB etc. Users can also view the color in HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK.

Using the Nix app users can save the color into a swatch as well as add notes to it for future reference. Another great feature of the Nix app enables users to convert the color to multitude of media including oil paints, paint for automotive, interior wall paints etc. Want to buy a paint or wallpaper of the same color you just scanned? No problem, just use the app to find out which brand stores are offering items in your favourite colors and also get directions to the nearest store where you can purchase them.

nix app kickstarter Nix is a small Smartphone and PC accessory that lets you read colors

Nix is a fun and useful accessory that can be used by anyone including graphic designers, photographers, painters, artists, craftsmen, professional painting companies, we designers etc.

Currently Nix color reading accessory by Matthew Sheridan is seeking crowd-funding at Kickstater. If you want one for yourself you can pledge $69 CAD or more here. Currently the project has received $25,000 of its 35,000 with 26 days to go.

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