embrace Embrace+ Band Tells Users About Notifications Coming On the Smartphones

A new device called Embrace+ has arrived on Kickstarter and is seeking your funding. Humans especially women have been decorating themselves with jewellery and fashion accessories made of precious metals and diamonds but now in the 21st century that trend is changing a bit with people willing to wear gadgets not only as fashion accessory but also to perform their daily tasks more conveniently.

The devices like Google Glass and Apple’s rumored iWatch are going to change the way we do fashion and give us devices that have even better functionalities than handheld devices of today. Now although not that capable and complex as you might expect, the Embrace+ is a fashion accessory for smartphone users that actually does something useful. It notifies users by turning the lights on and off so user can know he or she has received important calls and messages.

embrace Embrace+ Band Tells Users About Notifications Coming On the Smartphones

Embrace+ is a band that can be wore on the hand by the user and used to get notified for incoming calls and messages on the smartphone. The band is made up of single piece white plastic and shows the blinking colors to the user. The Embrace+ comes with an iOS and Android app which not only makes it compatible to a wide range of smartphones but also allows users to customize notification by using color or multiple colors of your choice. The app features a profile that saves user’s preferences.

The Embrace+ can be wore during workouts, places where you cannot take out your smartphone and you want to keep it on silent such as class, hospital or a meeting. It is also great for women because they can now put their phones in the bag without worrying about missing a call or SMS.

Currently Embrace+ has received over $21,000 of its $220,000 goal with 24 days still remaining. If you want one for yourself then pledge $39 to the project here.

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