In this post we have gathered some of the most amazing flying car concepts that will blow you mind.

One of the biggest dreams humanity has right now include the ability to fly cars instead of driving them on the roads. Flying cars that we have seen in futuristic Sci-Fi movies and cartoons such as The Jetsons while growing up have always fascinated us and made us wonder whether we will be able to ride one of these in our lifetime.

Work on such vehicles is being done however we are still far from seeing one of these flying in our cities. While flying cars are far from becoming a reality right now that has not stopped enthusiasts from creating flying car concepts in which they try to see how the future transportation will be like.

Terrafugia TF-X

flying car terrafugia tf x Flying car concepts that will blow your mind

A flying car that could take off and land like a helicopter would be perfect for the masses. The Terrafugia TF-X is one of the flying car concepts which does that. Designed by Boston based Terrafugia the TF-X is not just a concept and has already been approved by FAA as a transition flying car. It features wings that fold up while it is parked on the land. Not only that  but the TF-X is also a hybrid vehicle meaning it can fly as well as be used as a normal car on the roads. The folding wings really help in making that possible.

flying car TF X 1 Flying car concepts that will blow your mind

Future Flier

future flier Flying car concepts that will blow your mind

Unlike TF-X the Future Flier is just a concept but work is being done to make it a reality. It is one of the coolest looking flying car concepts thanks to its huge flying wing that features three helicopter like rotors. This concept vehicle has been funded by a European company and is designed to provide users with a personalized flying experience.

Volkswagen’s flying car concept

Volkswagen may not be the first company that comes in mind when you think of futuristic transport vehicles but that has not stopped the company from trying. Last year Volkswagen introduced one of its flying car concepts in form of a video that went viral as soon as it touched the internet. The Volkswagen Flying car concept may not be the flying car you have in mind for your future but technically it is a flying car and it is pretty awesome. The concept involves a tire shaped two-seater vehicle that features autopilot. Volkswagen’s flying car concept takes advantage of the electromagnetic field to move around so it would require the electromagnetic infrastructure on the roads to do so. Even if this infrastructure is provided that would make this vehicle capable of going to extremely limited places.

While Volkswagen’s flying car concept involving electromagnetic field may be flawed for general public’s use as private vehicles this could work for public transports that go to limited and pre-defined routes anyway.

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