hyundai e4u Hyundai E4U is an impressive Personal Mobility Vehicle concept

At a recent auto show Hyundai E4U was revealed. We have been seeing concepts for the Personal Mobility Vehicles from quite some time now and some of them were seriously impressive. Despite the fact that many concepts that were presented by companies as well as individuals were pretty good no one has been able to materialize on those concept and able to turn everyone’s dream of power efficient Personal Mobility Vehicles or PMV’s a reality.

Now another concept has been presented by Asian car manufacturer Hyundai and needless to say it is also pretty interesting. The concept is called Hyundai E4U. The Hyundai E4U is an egg shaped machine that allows one person to travel while sitting comfortably. The concept vehicle moves using semisphere that remains constantly spinning horizontally when the vehicle is in motion.

hyundai e4u 1 Hyundai E4U is an impressive Personal Mobility Vehicle concept

The spinning semiphere plays an important role in the movement of the Hyundai E4U and so does the two back wheels that are considerably small in size. The semiphere is tilted in order to drive the vehicle while the two wheels at the back allow it to move in the forward direction. This way of moving forward is highly similar to how helicopter works as the helicopter also tilts to move ahead.

Hyundai E4U was not just a mere concept as its creators had a fully functional model working for demonstration purposes at the Seoul Motor Show, though it still seemed to be in its early stages of development. It is reported that the work on the Hyundai E4U project begin in October of last year only which proves that the company is taking it seriously and working hard to make it a reality for consumers. Currently it is unannounced on what power source Hyundai E4U runs on. It is expected that it utilizes electric energy in order to power itself.

It is also unknown when Hyundai plans to release it for public or whether it has any plans of releasing it or any other Personal Mobility Vehicle at all in the not so distant future.

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