Microsoft is a company that is not only working on making the future better and equipped with better technology that today but also showing us how our lives would be in coming decades. As several times before Microsoft has released a concept video that has been made by Microsoft’s Envisioning Center shows us a future home that is large touch displays. In the video Microsoft has tried to shows us how we will live, work and play in the coming years.

microsoft future vision 0 580x334 Microsoft Gives Us a Glimpse of Our Digital Future

The displays according to Microsoft’s concept would allow users to view media and use gestures to perform tasks. The new home from the concept will be equipped with technologies to help the user in day to day tasks such as cooking. One very interesting concept in the video is that kitchen would be able to identify vegetables user is holding. The whole house will feature displays that would help in doing tasks with just a touch.

Although quite unrealistic many aspects of Microsoft’s concept video seem really useful and make us hope that they become a reality in our lifetime. But of course what looks unrealistic to us today might become real tomorrow. Its just like just ten years ago we would have said that an augmented reality glasses looks totally unrealistic but today thanks to Google Glass we already have that tech and it is going to be quite common in the next few years.

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