callheads Get Facebook like Chat Heads for call notifications on Android (tip)

A few months ago Facebook updated its official Facebook app for Android and added a unique feature called Chat heads. The Chat Heads as Facebook calls them are new type of notifications that tell the user that they have a new message from their Facebook friend by appearing on on side of the screen. The good thing about Chat Heads of is that unlike usual notifications they do not disturb the user as much as usual notifications.

Also they are more interactive as users can simply tap on them to launch the conversation screen and reply to the message right away. Inspired from Facebook’s Chat Heads feature a new app has been released in the Google Play store for Android smartphones that shows similar pop up bubble to users whenever they have an incoming call. The app called CallHeads, which is now available for download from the store is a must have for a number of reasons.

First of all just like Facebook Chat Heads it is designed to be as less disturbing as possible so the user can continue whatever he or she is doing before picking up the call. When CallHeads is installed on a user’s smartphone, whenever a call arrives a CallHead is shown right in the middle of the screen. The user can pick up the call right away by pulling down the ‘CallHead’ with his finger – doing which reveals buttons for accept or decline.

If the users wants to wait until they finish the task they are currently doing they can simply tap on the CallHead and drag it to the side of the screen. For example if you are typing a text and someone calls you in the middle of it you can can drag their CallHead on top right side of your screen, finish the message and then pick up the incoming call.

callheads 2 Get Facebook like Chat Heads for call notifications on Android (tip)

That’s not all as CallHead has another useful feature that will make you want it on your Android smartphone. The CallHead app detects the app you are using and displays the ‘CallHead’ accordingly. For example if you are using the Camera app or playing some game the app will display the call notification on one side of the screen so you don’t get distracted from what you are doing at the moment. You can then finish off whatever you are doing and then pick up the call.

As the purpose of CallHead app is to make it less distracting when a call arrives while you are using the smartphone the app becomes dis-functional when smartphone’s display is off or it is locked and in your pocket – in which case the usual call interface of Android appears.

CallHead is particularly useful on devices that have larger displays ideally the ones having 4.3-inches screen or above. The app should work fine on other smaller devices as well.

CallHead app for Android i.e. still in beta is available now in the Play Store .

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