We have always wanted to have real time information updating infront of our eyes, be it on a device like upcoming Google Glasses or less sophisticatedly on our smartphone’s screen. Luckily for us, there are several augmented reality apps available for mobile devices that provide such sci-fi experience to the users. Here in this post we are going to list top 6 Augmented Reality or AR apps available in the Play Store for the pleasure of your geeky mind. Let’s get started.

WikiTude (Play Store – )

wikitude Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Voted the best Augmented Reality app between the years 2009-2011, WikiTude shows you what you have always been missing. When you look through the camera of your Android device you can see different places, restaurants, people, events, tweets, and more right infront of you. Not only can you find interesting places using the WikiTude app for Android devices but you can also play games like Alien Attack and Bubble Tap that provide a unique AR gaming experience.

3D Compass+ (AR Compass) (Play Store – )

3d compass+ Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

3D Compass+ (AR Compass) app for Android devices is an Augmented Reality app that displays a reality view of the world to the driver. Simply mount your device on the dashboard of your car and let the app do its job, but be careful and keep your eyes on the road too as the app does not come with the feature that could make your car fly incase you are about to collide with another vehicle (yet). The app provides 3D compass, map, coordinates, address and speed in the same view and more. It is fun app to use as well as it can be very useful while travelling in a car.

Yelp (Play Store – )

yelp android Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Although Yelp is not a full fledge Augmented Reality app, one feature of the app takes full advantage of the AR capabilities of Android device. Yelp does Augmented Reality with Monocle and provides an overlay of useful business information of the places that are visible through the lens of your Android device’s camera.

Sky Map (Play Store – )

skymap android Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

If you have a slightest interest in what lies above our heads, you are going to love Sky Map Augmented Reality app for Android. The app amazingly turns your mobile device into a window on the night sky. You can see planets, milky ways, stars, and gallery of pictures of the universe using this simple application.

Layar (Play Store – )

Layar android Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Downloaded over 25 million times Layar is one of the world’s most popular AR apps. After installing Layar app on your Android device all you need is point your camera to scan objects around you. You can scan newspapers, magazines, ads, and more, and Layar would display related content over that object. Layar app gives a new life to the things you are scanning by showing Augmented Reality videos and other interactivity on your device’s screen. You can also find metro stops, ATMs, restaurants and other locations around you using Layar app. The app also has built in social features that you can use to share your experiences of using Layar with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

AugSatNav (Play Store – )

AugSatNav Top 6 Augmented Reality Apps for Android

AugSatNav app for Android is a navigation app with a touch of Augmented Reality. It shows a live camera feed of the designated path to the user when he or she is using it while walking. After suggesting the path for the walk, AugSatNav app shows a white line over the path so that the user could recognize the right path and complete the walk accordingly. AugSatNav is also useful for those who are suffering from short-sightedness

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