android to iphone 600x450 How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (Guide)

One of the biggest problems users face when they shift from Android to iPhone is moving all the contacts between old and new device. While this process might sound complicated it really isn’t and you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone in a few simple steps. Here in this post we are showing you how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

In order to proceed to the process please note that you will need the Android device with your contacts saved. We will be using Google Contacts service in this process.

Also this guide will not only help you in transferring your contacts between two devices but it will also help you in keeping your contact list synced between the two platforms.

Setting up Google Contacts

In order to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone you will first need to set up your Google Contact  using your Google ID. Follow the steps below in order to do so.

1 ) On you Android smartphone or tablet open Settings and then go to the Accounts & Sync option. There you will find your Google account. If you haven’t added your Google account to this Android device then go ahead and do it by using the Add account option.

2 ) On the Google Account page tap on the Sync Contacts option. Doing this will upload you whole Contact list to Google Contact service. The process will take a few moments to complete depending on the number of contacts you have in your list.

Syncing contacts from Android to iPhone

Now as your Contact list has been uploaded to Google Contacts service you can download them anywhere you want. In order to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone follow the steps below.

1 ) On your iPhone open the settings app. On settings tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

2 ) On Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu tap on ‘Add Account’. There you will find the “Other” option. Tap on it and then on Contacts. From there you need to select “Add CardDav Account”.

3 ) On the form enter the following details and tap on next.

4 ) The syncing process will start and you will see all your Google Contacts from your Android device in Contacts app of iPhone.

That’s it! Using the simple method above you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone in no time. Let us know of any questions you might have in the comments section below.

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