spike ike post Spike is a small smartphone accessory for laser measurement and modeling

Does your work involve taking measurements of building, trees and other real life objects? If the answer for that question is yes then it is very likely that you work with bulky gadgets in order to take measurements of objects, which are hard to use and carry around. If you fall into this description then you should definitely check out Spike by ike.

Spike is an accessory for smartphones that can be used to accurately measure different types of objects using the laser technology. By taking advantage of the augmented reality it enables users to create 3D modeling of objects right from their smartphones. Using Spike smartphone users can take pictures, measure objects, map as well as create 3D models and share them with anyone using the Internet.

The Spike by ike is capable of measuring any object from a distance of 200 yards or less away enabling users to use this device on both large and small objects.

spike ike 2 Spike is a small smartphone accessory for laser measurement and modeling

How Spike works is pretty simple, users just have to connect Spike to their smartphone launch the app that will be available once the accessory is released for public. Users only have to take snapshot of the object they want to measure, which they can store on their smartphones or share with others. It takes advantage of smartphone’s camera and by adding its own features to the equation it turns an ordinary smartphone into a handheld 3D compass, laser range finger, digital camera and a GPS device.

spike ike 3 Spike is a small smartphone accessory for laser measurement and modeling

Along with measuring and saving data related to the object the Spike accessory also saves its exact location after verifying it. Here are the tasks Spike accessory is capable of performing when it is directed to scan any object.

  1. When pointed to an object Spike measures the distance between the object and the user.
  2. It measures the object from different angles including volume, areas, span etc.
  3. Verifies the location of the object using phone’s GPS.
  4. Identifies the bearing and relative altitude of the object.
  5. Creates the 3D model of the object.
  6. Shares the data it has acquired.

Due to its support for a wide range of applications the Spike accessory for smartphones is not limited to a certain profession and can be used by different types of professionals and enthusiasts in order to take laser accurate measurements of large objects. People who will find Spike by ike useful include engineers, artists, architects, film makers, painters and many others.

spike app smartphone Spike is a small smartphone accessory for laser measurement and modeling

Spike App on Android


If you are interested in getting a Spike accessory for yourself then you can pledge to this project here. A contribution of $299 or more will get you a fully functional 3D measuring and 3D modeling smartphone accessory.

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