wiflux card WiFlux portable charging device wants to solve your battery woes

As we have mentioned several times before the battery life on smartphones is a pressing issue. This problem is not limited to any particular brand and is found across the board. We have also reported that different companies and groups of researchers are working on eliminating this issue. While they are working on it we will have to make use of with what we have. There are a number of accessories that help in boasting the battery life of smartphones such as these battery cases.

Now a new device has been created called WiFlux for smartphones. WiFlux is a wireless and portable powerhouse for smartphones that stores energy and charges the device when needed. While it is not the first ever device to do so it is certainly different due to its portability. Its main features include inductive charging and its more portable size. The device is only 5mm thick, which can be even thinner when the final product comes out.

WiFlux device for smartphone is wireless that makes it clutter free and easy to use. The absence of annoying cables not only makes it more portable and user friendly but also reduces its size and footprint significantly.

The inductive charging feature is located at the base of the card. Users only have to place their smartphone on the card in order to charge it. According to the creator of WiFlus it is made up of thinnest battery possible and sports charging circuitry in a body that is 5mm thick.

Initially the WiFlux device will be offered for limited number of devices only which include Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 as well as iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5. More devices will be added to the compatibility list depending on the campaign’s success. It features a 850mAh lithium polymer battery, capability to charge at maximum of 500mAh at 5V input through USB and ability to provide minimum output of 100mA at 5V on secondary coil also known as the receiver.

To prove their point the creators of WiFlux device have shared two videos that demonstrate the working of this smartphone accessory. Please note that the videos only show the working of the prototype device and not the final product. Have a look

Currently the creators of this super useful accessory are running a campaign at crowd funding website Indiegogo where they are looking to raise $99,000 for the device. You can get a device for yourself by contributing $35 or more to the project here. The device will be shipped to contributors in February 2014.

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