programming Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

Computer programming languages are becoming popular day by day. Nowadays not only students who are studying computer science at colleges or universities but also those who are studying other courses are also interested in learning the languages that are shaping our digital future. If you are thinking of learning computer programming languages then you are thinking absolutely right as it can immensely help you in landing a new full-time job, help you create something of your own and boost your creativity. Here in this post we will tell you about top 5 programming languages that you should learn in 2013.


java Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

It is an object-oriented programming language that was developed back in 1995. It is still one of the most important and widely used programming languages of today and is most likely to stay popular as it is used by developers of mobile, web as well as desktop apps. One of the best features of this programming language is that it is not platform specific and it can be used to code programs for any operating system including OS X and Windows. There is no shortage of jobs for this programming language and it is flexible enough to let you code the app of your dreams.


python Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

Python is a great language for someone who is stepping inside the world of programming for the first time. It is not very easy but it is still not that complicated as others, which makes it perfect for beginners. This language was developed back in 1991 however it is still very popular and a lot of big websites are based on this language. Python is part of the web framework Django and is popular among big companies including Google, Instagram, Pinterest and more who use it in their products.


php prog Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

One of the most popular and relatively easier to learn computer programming languages is PHP. It is a very popular language that powers most of big websites and services on the Internet. According to one estimate PHP powers over 244 million websites online including sites like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. A lot of Facebook is also based on PHP. It is a server side language that is script based. If you are looking to develop an online web app or service PHP is the way to go.


objective c Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

Objective C is a language used for Apple’s software platforms including iOS and OS X. Over the past few years it has become one of the most important and widely used computer programming languages thanks to the rapid boost in Apple’s growth and rise of iOS and Mac App Store’s. Apple’s App Store marketplace is one of the most popular app development market which is worth billions of dollars for developers. If you know Objective C you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac making it one of the most desirable computer language to learn out there.


C++ Top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2013

C++ is a intermediate level programming language, which was developed back in 1983. It is a powerful language that powers a lot of popular apps including Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator etc, Firefox, Google’s Chromium OS and more. It is an object oriented programming, which has high demand among employers.

Other Honorary mentions

  • HTML5 + CSS
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • C
  • C#


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