kickstarter livecode Kickstarter project LiveCode wants you to program apps, back them

LiveCode is a new project that has gone live at Kickstarter, which aims to make it easier for everyone to design applications for mobile and desktop platforms. The whole idea of the project is to easily help non-programmers and programmers alike in designing and writing apps.

The easy to use programming platform has been available commercially for 10 years but now the LiveCode team is seeking funding from the Kickstarter community so that could make the content creation platform available as open source and free for everyone. The open sourced LiveCode platform will be re-engineered so that the community could develop it further and use it for its own good. The project aims to change programming for everyone and allow everyone an equal opportunity to develop applications.

The fast and easy coding platform will support iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows at launch which means users will be able to develop for these popular platforms right away.

So will LiveCode be like usual programming languages with complex codes and symbols? Absolutely not. LiveCode will be English-like language with minimal use of symbols, jarhon, and other elements found on complex languages. On top of that the simple drag and drop elements will make app development a breeze, which is perfect for anyone who has just started learning to program or for kids.

You can see the prototype of the LiveCode app builder below.

live code prototype Kickstarter project LiveCode wants you to program apps, back them

Currently as of this writing LiveCode has already received £30,062 of its £350,000 goal. It’s Kickstarter campaign will end on 29th February. If you are interested in backing this project or want to learn more about it you can visit its Kickstarter page here.

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