android device manager map Heres everything you need to know about the new Android Device Manager

Google has announced a new service for the owners of all Android devices called Android Device Manager. The new feature that will be available to all Android users for free is an online tool that will allow users to locate their smartphone or tablet on the map in case they have lost it. The Android Device Manager feature is very similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone service using which iOS users can locate their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on the map in case they have lost their device and perform a number things on it.

With Android Device Manager users will not only be able to locate their Android device on the map but they will also be able to ring a bell on it or wipe the device in case they lose all hope of getting it back. The feature will also show useful information about the missing device that could help the user know about the status of his or her gadget.

The Android Device Manager is a feature that was missing from the Android world and before it there was no official way from Google to located lost Android phone or tablet. Sure there were third party solutions such as ‘Find My Phone app‘ were available to users but none of them were comparable with Apple’s Find My iPhone or the new feature Google is launching.

The Android Device Manager will show users when their device was registered, when it was last used and at what time it was last located on its current location.

Here are some of the features Android Device Manager brings for the users.

Locating the device on the Map

One of the most important and main features of Android Device Manager feature for Android devices is the ability for users to locate their missing or lost device on the Map. Users will be able to see the current and exact location of their Android smartphone or tablet on the map by accessing it through the online website. Google has also promised that it will be releasing an Android app so users can view the location of their lost gadget by using another Android device. Android Device Manager will take advantage of the built-in GPS sensor to record the position of the device.

The current position of the lost Android device will be shown on Google Maps that shows a blue pointer where the device is located on the map.

Playing a sound

The new Android Device Manager feature will allow users to play a sound on their device. This feature has been added to help users in finding their gadget in case they have lost it in their office or home. This feature is perfect for situations like when we drop our phone under the couch cushions or blanket and are unable to find it. The feature will play a sound on the device that will help user in finding where it is.

Remote wiping the device

So even though you have located your smartphone or tablet on the map you still have lost all hopes of getting it back. This could be when the device is too far from you or the owner would simply won’t co-operate. In this situation you can delete all of your data from your stolen smartphone or tablet remotely. This feature will securely and instantly remove everything on your Android device so your valuable and personal data is not compromised at any cost.


The Android Device Manager feature will be available to all users of Android devices who are running Android 2.2 or above. Google says that it will be rolling out the the feature later this month and users will be able to configure it by signing into their Google Accounts.

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