WiFi Photo transfer iPhone How to wirelessly transfer photos from your iPhone to PC the easy way

iOS is a great operating system and allows users to do most of the things more conveniently than its rival OSes. However sometimes you have to travel an extra mile in order to do a simple task and this could be annoying for some users who are used to of this operating system’s easiness. One of the things that you might be facing troubles in doing is wirelessly transferring files from your iPhone or iPad to your PC. Here in this post we are going to show you how you can do it the easy way in just a few steps. Read on to know how to wirelessly transfer photos from your iPhone to PC the easy way.

This method is very simple and works for both Mac and Windows machines. You will need a Wi-Fi network in your home and an application that is available for free. Download link can be found below. Let’s get started.

1 ) First of all download the free WiFi Photo Transfer application for iPhone. You can download it from the App Store .

2 ) After you have downloaded and installed the free WiFi Photo Transfer app on your iOS device connect your iPhone as well as your computer to a same WiFi network. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi otherwise this process won’t work.

3 ) After connecting to the same WiFi network on your iOS device and PC, launch the application you just downloaded.

4 ) Now the application will tell you to enter a link in your desktop’s browser that should look something like Go ahead and enter this URL and hit enter.

WiFi Photo transfer iPhone 3 How to wirelessly transfer photos from your iPhone to PC the easy way

5 ) On this web page you will see all of your photos that are present on your iOS device. You can view and download these photos by simply clicking on them. The webpage allows users to download single as well as multiple photos at once, which is super convenient.

While the Photo Stream feature is also available thanks to Apple iCloud this feature seems more simple and useful since you can transfer photos to any computer you want. Also you can select particular photos for transfer or just view them on your computer without actually transfering them which is great.

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