rl mark vi RL Mark VI suit is a Iron Man like suit for space divers and astronauts

After recently watching the latest Iron Man 3 movie all I can dream of is having a suit like Tony Stark. While I cannot have one right now it seems like we might have something close to the suit of Iron Man in the future. Recently an Iron Man like costume was built with some great features such as augmented reality equipped HUD and rocket boots.

The suit is called the RL Mark VI and it is pretty real. It is designed for astronauts and may be the extreme sports lovers of the future. The suit that looks like it has come out of science fiction features AR goggles, power gloves, movement gyros and more importantly the jet packs. The suit could allow someone who has jumped from 100 kilometers above the surface to land safely using the thruster boots instead of a parachute just like Iron Man.

The RL Mark VI suit has rocket powered engines on the feet as well as on the hand palms to allow the wearers to navigate easily. This is similar to the Iron Man’s suit.

The RL Mark VI suit has been created with the collaboration between Juxtopia LLC and Solar System Express. They are still working on making this suit better and more reliable for humans and plan to release a production model by the year 2016. In the beginning the makers of the RL Mark VI suit will use a commercial space suit and fit in different kinds of equipments including the ones mentioned above.

It is not surprising that researchers are now working on creating a suit for professional space divers as recently Felix Baumgartner proved that space jumping could be a sport when he jumped of a platform 127,852 feet above the Earth and landed safely on the surface creating a world record. Now many others with similar craziness and love for jumping would want to do that and the RL Mark VI suit will make it possible for them to do so.

If you want to read about RL Mark VI in detail and learn more about how it will work then head over to this post by Gizmag who have got a pretty detailed piece on this suit.

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