Its a common belief of most people including those working in NASA that there’s water beneath the surface of moon as well as Mars. Although many indications have been received by NASA through its expeditions and studies, the space research institute has not been able to give materialistic proofs of water’s existence on these heavenly bodies yet.

Now it looks like NASA has decided to prove all the naysayers wrong as it has developed a mining robot prototype that could be sent to mars or moon in search of water.

nasa rassor 1 NASA Develops RASSOR robot to find water on the moon

The Robot NASA has built is called RASSOR, which in scientific terms stands for Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot. RASSOR weighs 100 pounds only. It features arms that are designed to dig on the surface making them ideal for digging the soil of the moon. The robot also has an integrated processing unit which can process moon’s soil to see if it has water particles in it or not.

Interestingly the RASSOR is capable of using the moon’s soil to generate rocket engine for itself or air for astronauts accompanying it on the expedition. It extracts chemicals and other particles in the soil to do that.

While the RASSOR is just a prototype, NASA seems very happy from it’s performance and is reportedly working on RASSOR 2 with better design and more improved features.

Now whether RASSOR will be sent on the moon on a mission, we have yet to find that out.

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