Telepathy One Telepathy One is a cheaper alternative to Google Glass for the rest of us

It looks like Google has announced the Google Glass a bit too early then it should have because months before its release people have already started to criticise it limited functionality as well as high price point. Not only that but the competition has already for the upcoming gadget as different companies are preparing their own products to compete and make their place in the new market. Google Glass could get into trouble if its competitors come up with equally good devices with more functionalities and that too at a lower price.

We have covered a few Google Glass competitors in the past and now we have another one in the form of Telepathy One. The Telepathy One is created by Takahito Iguchi who made the announcement of their Google Glass competitor at an event in New York. What’s significant about Telepathy One is that it is pretty similar to Google Glass as far as looks are concerned which makes it a perfect competitor for Glass when both devices are released for public in the market.

Telepathy One Smaller Telepathy One is a cheaper alternative to Google Glass for the rest of us

Telepathy One is a delicate looking device that goes from one eye to the ear located on the other side of the head. Telepathy features Bluetooth connectivity using which users can stream whatever they want from their smartphone and create an augmented reality illusion infront of their eyes. Just like Googel Glass Telepathy One is able to take photos using the built-in cameras however those photos are stored in the connected smartphone and not in device’s own memory – unlike Google Glass.

Of coarse Telepathy One lacks features that are available in Google Glass but if we see the price difference it is apperant that it will have an appeal among those who cannot afford a $1,500 price or don’t want to spend this much on something they will occassionally wear.

The pricing details are not revealed at this point but it is said that the Telepathy One device will be available at a price which will be half than Google Glass.

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