google glass 1 5 uses of Google Glass that could change our lives

After a few months we will have the public release of Google Glass. This is a kind of device that has the potential of changing our lives forever and making them like we have always wanted. Google Glass is in its early stages and even now it has some really interesting uses so it would not be wrong to think that it could evolve into a much more powerful and influential tool that could completely change the lives of human beings.

While the first version of Google Glass is going to be pretty limited as far as features are concerned its second and third iterations can be even more ground breaking. In this post we have tried to think of some uses of Google Glass that could well be  part of this gadget in not so distant future and change the way we do these things on daily basis.

Controlling home appliances

Imagine walking into your home from work and turning on lights, TV, your computer and other electrical appliances without actually touching any of these. In the future we might not have to use  switches in order to turn on or off electrical equipments in our home as Google Glass could do that for us. Not only that but it could also do a number of things related to these appliances including changing the thermostat of the refrigerator, changing TV channel or volume, slowing the speed of the fan and much more. This would be the complete home automation we have ever wanted.

Performing an online search about a stranger sitting next to you

Well this is kind of creepy but it is a real possibility and a concern for law enforcing agencies. Imagine you go into a train and a person who you have never met in your life is staring at you. You then decide to check who he or she is and without his consent you take a picture of that person and use it to perform a picture search on Google. This way you can find out details about that person’s life and things he doesn’t want you to know. This sounds fun when it is not happening to you.

Use in Classroom

Just like everything has good and bad uses one of the greatest uses of Google Glass could be in classroom. Using the augmented reality we can truly revolutionize the teaching process for students and give them an experience of learning we have never seen before. Students can have interactive objects moving in front of their eyes relavent to the subject they are currently studing. Of course naughty students will still be misusing the gadget and checking out their social networking profiles – but still the possibilities of using Google Glass in the field of education are limitless.

Taking dictation and recording voices as you hear

One of the uses of Google Glass could be to take dictation while you are listening to something and recording voices so that you can hear them later. This could really help people who are not able to remember things rightly. Not to mention the real-time speech to text conversion feature that could help deaf people.

Home surveillance

While all sorts of creepy surveillance by governments is possible with Google Glass there is a good type of surveillance as well that could be really helpful for you. Using Google Glass you could be able to check out what’s happening at your house both inside and outside of it using WiFi connected security cameras regardless of wherever you are. There are many apps and gadgets that allow users to do this on their smartphones but doing it on Google Glass could really make this really helpful for people who live in unsafe areas and are mostly away from their homes.

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