googlenow chrome logo Google to bring Androids Google Now to Chrome browser and OS soon

Those of you who have an Android device or an iPhone would be familiar with the Google Now assistant. It is a Siri like voice assistant that allows smartphone users to interact with their device and make it do things such as search the internet or show weather forcast using their voice. The Google Now feature is baked right into Android whereas on iPhone it is available through the official Google Search app.

Now it looks like Google is looking to expand the presence of the voice assistant and bring it to Windows, OS X and Chrome OS. Recently Google released the beta Chromium in which they have found references to the Google Now feature. The reference was discovered by Chromium fan Francois Beaufort. Right now users can enable the Google Now feature on Chrome if they know the address of the relevant Google Now server. Although it is somewhat working the beta version of Google Now in Chrome isn’t usable by everyone as apart from the server issue it is not able to show Google Now cards in its today’s form.

It has been long thought that Google will eventually bring the popular Google Now feature to other platforms especially on its Chrome OS and these references in Chromium have revealed that expectations were right. Although we know Google would release the feature across all platforms the references are missing from the Mac version of Chrome beta but as the feature isn’t ready we suspect that Google will add it in the OS X version of the browser in the upcoming release.

Right now we don’t know when Google will release the feature to general users and will it release a beta of Chrome with usable Google Now to test it with developers or will release it right away to the public.

We will update you more as soon as information becomes available.


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