Thanks to its open source nature and flexibility Android is not limited to just smartphones or tablets only. We have seen Android being used in different types of devices including gaming consoles. In the past year or so many gaming consoles have been introduced that are not only powered by Android operating system but they also run the games that are available through the Google Play Store. In this post we are listing top 5 Android powered gaming consoles that we worthy of buying looking forward to. Let’s get started.


ouya console Best Android powered gaming consoles you can buy right now

We have talked about OUYA before. It is one of the best looking Android gaming console that looks like a full-fledge console like an Xbox or PlayStation. It runs Android and has a specially designed user-interface that looks quite similar to Xbox’s dashboard. OUYA connects to the television and provides users with free to play games. As of right now there are over 471 games in the market that are especially designed or configured for OUYA gaming console, a number that keeps on growing. It comes with a controller that has the button configuration same as that of Xbox’s controller. Features include small size, microUSB port, HDMI port, USB ports and more. OUYA costs $99 and can be purchased from here.


gamestick console Best Android powered gaming consoles you can buy right now

The GameStick is a console that is very similar to OUYA however the biggest difference between these two Android based gaming consoles is that the GameStick is extremely portable. The whole device is the size of a controller, which allows users to carry it around in the pocket. It comes with a USB stick that can be connected to the TV. Once the USB stick is connected users can start playing games on their GameStick device. The USB stick can be placed within the GameStick console as you can see in the image above. The GameStick gaming console features similar UI as Xbox 360 i.e similar to OUYA as well. There’s a wide variety of games that are available for GameStick. A GameStick device can be purchased for just $79 here.

Nvdia Shield

nvidia shield angle Best Android powered gaming consoles you can buy right now

The Nvidia Shield is a device that is considered to be the device that could bring the Android gaming revolution. Made by Nvidia this powered full Android gaming console is a full gaming console built into a controller like body. Not only it has the buttons and internals in a single body but it also features a built-in 5-inch display. It is powered by Nvidia’s own Tegra 4 processor that provides enough power to run any game that is available for the platform. Apart from gaming this device can also be used for watching videos, listening to music and flying an AR drone! You can buy a Nvidia Shield for yourself from here. It is available for $299.


gamepop Best Android powered gaming consoles you can buy right now

Gamepop is an Android gaming console that provides games to users on a monthly subscription basis. You can get a $6.99 per month subscription and get access to over 500 top games that are available on Android platform. The biggest feature of this console that perhaps make it better than the rest is the software called Looking Glass developed by the Gamepop team. This software enables the console to run iOS games, which is not possible on any other console right now. There are two versions of the Gamepop console. The one you can see in the image above is called mini, which can be yours for free with the subscription. The other one that is more powerful and larger in size is called the Console that will cost you $129. You can get it from here.

Mad Catz MOJO

Mad Catz MOJO Best Android powered gaming consoles you can buy right now

The Mad Catz MOJO console for Android devices is similar to Nvidia Shield with one big difference. It requires the user to attach his or her Android smartphone to it and uses it as the display. Mad Catz MOJO is more of a controller than a console but it adds a really nice controller to touch games, which makes gaming even more fun on an Android smartphone. It is powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and has 2GB of RAM. It comes in 16GB of internal storage. It will also have a feature that will allow users to stream their PC titles to their TV, which makes this device even more useful. You can get one for yourself by pre-ordering here, it costs $249.

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