For most people listening to music on the computer is one of of their favorite activities while they are using their Windows PC. For the purpose there are several great apps available for the platform all of which have their unique features and abilities. Some are loved because they are simple looking while others are cherished due to their capabilities of managing large libraries and running audio files of different formats flawlessly. There’s a wide selection of Windows 8 music player apps available for download and choosing one can be difficult.

In this post we have gathered a list of Windows 8′s music player apps that are available for free. So without any further ado lets get started with the list.



winamp 2013 Windows 8 music player apps you can download for free

Winamp is one of the oldest and most respected music player available for Windows. It has been around for over 15 years and has been the favorite audio player for millions throughout these years. Winamp on Windows 8 is not different at all. The best features of this jukebox include its customizability, speed and the fact that it is pretty lightweight and does not causes much trouble when running on even the weakest of PCs. It has great playback controls, management features capable of handling large libraries, ability to rip CDs and even sync music to mobile devices. The list of its features is long and hard to mention in this brief introduction so some of its more notable features include ability for users to change skins, visualizations, ShoutCast radio support, Wireless transfer to Winamp for Android app and more. You can download Winamp from here. It is available for free.


mediamoney 4 Windows 8 music player apps you can download for free

If you have a large music library that you need to manage then MediaMonkey is the perfect music player for Windows 8 or earlier versions. It has many features such as ability to record CDs, managing music through genre, download ability for music, podcasts as well as movies, ability to sync with Apple iPhone, iPod and other MP3 players, conversion feature for MP3s, M4A, OGG, WMA, MP4 and AVI formats and more. The MediaMonkey player for Windows 8 is available for free here.


foobar2000 Windows 8 music player apps you can download for free

Those who already use the Foobar2000 music player for Windows love it for its features and simplicity. This music player is highly customizable, fast and lightweight making it a complete package of awesomeness. It supports a wide range of audio formats that make it simple yet powerful. Some of the features of the Foobar2000 music player include gapless playback, support for CDs, hotkeys so users can control music easily, ReplayGain feature, add-ons, plugins and more. You can download Foobar2000 from here. It is also available for free.


songbird Windows 8 music player apps you can download for free

Songbird is a free music player and manager that  is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. It provides a personalized experience to the users and enables them to share their own photos with other fans around the world. It also has a nice discovery feature using which listeners can discover new artists and their music. The music management features of Songbird for Windows 8 or earlier versions are quite useful as it allows users to make playlists and browse through their library easily. With this music player you can also follow your favorite artists and see what they are sharing in their feed. The wireless playback capabilities of this Windows 8 music player is quite nice too as users can stream their music wirelessly to different parts of their house with devices likes TV and speakers. You can get Songbird for your Windows machine here for free. Apart from Mac and Windows this music player is also available for iOS, Android and web.


atunes Windows 8 music player apps you can download for free

aTunes is an open source music player that is often called the iTunes alternative for different reasons. It has a nice dark design with a UI that makes it easier for users to browse and navigate through their music library. aTunes is available for Windows 8 and earlier versions of the operating system. It is a cross platform music player as well and is available for Mac and Linux platforms. It has features like repositories, navigation filers, podcast support and download, radio feature, ability sync with iOS and other devices and more. You can download aTunes for Windows as well as for Mac here.

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