Humans have made great progress in the field of robotics over the past few years however we are not quite there yet. The robots these days have limited abilities and their so called artificial intelligence isn’t even close to what we have seen in the movies while growing up. Still we all have an appetite of having a robot pet for ourself that we can play with just like a real pet.

In this post we will highlight some of the best robotic pets that are available for purchase and the ones that are still in development to give you an idea about the state of pet robotics industry. Lets get started

Robot Dog

A dog is the man’s best friend and we all know that. But will a robot dog ever be able to replace this loving creature that is ready to sacrifice his life for his master? Not yet but still there are some really nice robot dog products that are currently in development and some of them are even available for purchase.

LittleDog Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

The LittleDog quadruped robot by DAPRA is a small sized robot dog that is still in production. It is the smaller version of the BigDog robot, which as we reported a few months ago is capable of throwing cylinders with his head. The LittleDog however is going to be a less violent military pet that will be capable of climbing and performing dynamic locomotion gaits. It will feature the sensing feature, be able to communicate and do a lot of other things that will make it useful for the military in the field. While we are not sure whether a this awesome robot dog will ever be available for purchase to consumers like you and me it is certainly an exciting product that gives us a glimpse of the future.

Tekno the robotic puppy Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

If you are looking for a less futuristic robot dog that you can buy right now then Tekno Robotic puppy is an interactive pet, which is available for around $200 .

smartpet robot dog Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

The SmartPet by Bandai is another product that you can buy from the market right now. You can use your iPhone as its face and load the app to see emotions on this cutie. It is available in the market for $47 around .

Robot Fish

robot fish Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

Apart from cats and dogs one of the most common pets people keep in their homes is fish. One of the more advanced examples of robotic fishes is a product called the robot-fish. These are designed for observation purposes in ocean, to detect leakage in pipelines as well as to search in water. They can also be utilized by researches for underwater archaeological exploration. This robot fish has been created in the form of different species. They are efficient swimmers that imitate the swimming mechanisms of the real fishes. They are also capable of manoeuvring and can take half turn on 1/10e its length while retaining its current speed.

f3b9 robofish inuse Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

While we have yet to see an advanced version of robot fish that we can buy for ourselves the RoboFish from ThinkGeek is the closest we can get. The $12.99 robot fish is available in Clown Fish and Shark appearances. They don’t require you to feed them regularly and all you have to do is drop it into the water and watch it swim. The RoboFish swims just like a real fish in the water as it is self-aware and revolves around the tank. It is of coarse powered by replaceable batteries that you have to change after 6 hours of play. Buy it here.

Robot Cat

cheetah cub robot cat Some awesome robot pets of present and the future

If you have a wish of making some name of yourself on the Internet then you should better get a cute cat and a video recording camera. Seriously though cats are cute and we have no doubt that the future’s robot cat is going to be any different. However the cheetah-cub robot, which is developed by Swiss researchers is in its early stages of development and does not look cute at all. Despite its current ugly state this little robot shows us the potential of robot pets of the future. This robot cat is capable of walking and running just like a cat. It has legs that are designed just like those of real cats and have ability to move on uneven surfaces without losing stability. According to its creators this little cat robot will potentially be used in exploration as well as search and rescue missions. However they have not denied the possibility of releasing a pet version of this beauty in the future.

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