laptops future Technologies that are going to revolutionize laptops

For a lot of people laptops are an essential part of their lives. These devices have been around for almost two decades and people have grown pretty used to of them. Their has been talks about laptops becoming obsolete due to the rise of tablets and other similar devices and analysts predict that the sales of these portable computers is going to fall in the coming years. While that isn’t completely false it can change thanks to the invention of two great devices that could save laptops and keep them relevant in our digital lives.

In the past few months two major technologies have emerged that have a great potential of revolutionizing laptops and how they work. These technologies are futuristic by every sense of the word and really have an impact in the sales of the laptops.

One of the biggest reasons why laptop sales were expected to decline was because of the introduction of multitouch screens, which are much more intuitive and convenient to use and over the past few years users have grown fond of devices that feature them. Everyone thought laptops were going to become history because attempts to add touch screens to laptops have failed miserably. Touch screen laptops that were released in the market were not user friendly at all and were awkward to use.

Now that can change entirely due to the invention of two devices that we are going to detail below. Both of these technologies can revolutionize the way we input data and perform different  actions on a laptop and can give us a more intuitive way to use our laptops that are as good as multitouch screens found on smartphones and tablets.

Leap Motion Sensor

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition Technologies that are going to revolutionize laptops

We have covered the Leap Motion Sensor numerous times, it is a unique and innovative design that does something different. Many believe that it is ahead of its time and that even the tech savvy people are not ready for such a device, others disagree. Recently a new laptop by HP was introduced that features the Leap Motion technology built-in. This means users don’t have to attach an external unit of Leap Motion to their laptop.

The model of the device is HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition. It has become the first ever laptop to feature Leap Motion device by default and also the first ever commercial device to feature motion sensing technology. It is a 17-inch design that is powered by Windows 8 operating system. This Leap Motion equipped device that will go on sale in October will cost $1050.

hp envy 17 leap motion Technologies that are going to revolutionize laptops

Now it would be interesting to see what kind of response this laptop gets when it hits the market next month. If it is a hit, which I think it would be then we can expect many other manufacturers adopting the motion sensing technology and this feature would become a standard in no time. We already know that ASUS has already signed a deal with Leap Motion and will be introducing devices with this sensor built into its devices in the near future.

Haptix multitouch sensor

haptix 21 Technologies that are going to revolutionize laptops

We recently covered the Haptix multitouch sensor, which has recently successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign and is ready to go into mass production. Haptix multitouch sensor essentially converts any flat area into a multitouch surface. Not only that but it also adds a 3D sensing layer over the surface so user can perform certain actions even without touching the surface.

Haptix multitouch sensor has a true potential of changing the way we use laptops. The biggest plus point of this technology is that it is not only super convention to use but it is something users are already very much familiar of thanks to tablets.

In my opinion the Haptix multitouch sensors are much better solution than adding real multitouch displays to laptops, which are super awkward and inconvenient to use.

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