chrome packaged apps 1 Everything you need to know about Chrome Packaged Apps

Chrome Web Store is one of world’s most active app markets where there are thousands of developers and millions of users downloading stuff for for one of world’s most used web browsers. The quality of apps available on the store is generally very good and users actually find it useful and use the store on daily basis just like they do with the Play Store on their mobile device.

After the success of Chrome Web Store and interest of users in apps available for the platform the company decided to extend the presence of the marketplace and allow users to install web based Chrome apps on their Windows or Mac computers without even running the Chrome browser. Which means unlike before users can download and install Chrome apps on their desktop computer and use them in a seperate window without the need of launching the Chrome browser.

google keep packaged app Everything you need to know about Chrome Packaged Apps

These apps are called Chrome Packaged apps and are available through the Chrome Web Store under the dedicated ‘For your Desktop’ section. These apps essentially run offline as well as online outside of the browser. The Chrome Packaged apps simply act like normal apps for Windows or Mac and deliver the ‘native app’ experience to the  users. The apps just like the Chrome bound apps can be written HTML5, Javascript and CSS languages.

How they work and chrome bar

launcher confirmation win7 8 Everything you need to know about Chrome Packaged Apps

The fact that the Chrome Packaged apps are running outside of the Chrome browser makes them even more powerful than the web only application and make the as capable as native apps for these desktop platforms. The packaged apps open in a new window and do not have the Chrome’s omnibar or other distractions like the apps that run in Chrome. They also don’t require users to run Chrome all the time in order to use or launch them.

Google recently introduced the Chrome App Launcher that sits in the taskbar on Windows and dock on OS X machines. Every packaged app installed on the computer automatically shows up in this launcher allowing users to launch the app easily. The Chrome App Launcher’s icon always shows up in the taskbar regardless of whether Chrome browser is running or not. When the icon of a packaged app is clicked a new window opens with the app’s content.

Users can also create shortcuts of their most used apps on the desktop by right clicking on the app’s icon. They can also uninstall the app in the same way.

Chrome Packaged Apps that you should download

As you now know everything about Chrome Packaged apps for desktop computers its time to try some of them out. You can browse and download Chrome Packaged Apps from the ‘For your Desktop’ section of the store here. There are a number of great packaged apps that are available in the store but since the store has recently launched  it will take some time to get a sizeable number of apps. Once you install your first packaged app the Chrome App Launcher will automatically get installed and start appearing in the taskbar or Mac’s Dock.

Here are some of the best apps that are available right now in the packaged form

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