hovering gestures app android How to add Galaxy S4s air gestures to any Android device with Hovering Gestures

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone has a number of unique features that are not found on other devices. Some people consider these features as gimmick while others buy this smartphone solely because of these features and use them on daily basis. One of the features found on Galaxy S4 is air gestures.

Introduced by Samsung on its flagship Android smartphone the air gestures feature of Galaxy S4 allows users to control their smartphone without actually touching it. Users just have to hover their hand over the screen in order to perform a certain task such as scrolling. While it as a really nice feature Samsung has restricted this feature to its most important device and has not even included it in smartphones or tablets other than Galaxy S4, let alone making it available to users of other brands.

However if you have been cringing to have similar air gestures on your Android smartphone then you are in luck. A new app has been released in the Play Store called Hovering Gestures. This app simply adds the unique feature of Galaxy S4 to almost all Android devices. Hovering Gestures app uses the smartphone’s proximity sensor in order to detect the air gestures made over the screen.

The app is highly customizable and allows users to set air gestures for different apps and actions including the ability to control music playback using air gestures, returning to homescreen, silencing alarms and more.

hovering gestures app android. 1jpg How to add Galaxy S4s air gestures to any Android device with Hovering Gestures

There are two ways of getting this app on any smartphone. One is the fairly simple one in which users can download the app from the Play Store by paying $1.32 . If you want to get the app free (legally) then you can download it from the XDA-Developers website and install it using the steps below.

1 ) Download Hovering Gestures app for your Android device from here.

2 ) You can directly download the app file to your Android device and install. Make sure the setting that allows users to install apps from unknown sources is enabled.

3 ) Once the app has been installed on your Android smartphone you will presented with the configuration menu the very first time you run the app. From there you can assign different gestures to different apps or actions.

When you are done configuring it simply exit the app and try out the new gestures. You can make sure that the app is running in the background by looking at its logo located on the top left side on the status bar.

That’s it! Enjoy. In our test the app worked quite accurately and was in no way inferior to what Samsung offers in Galaxy S4. It is a nice way to have a feature available on the high-end device on a mid-range smartphone. Also users of other brands such as HTC, Sony and LG can also enjoy a feature only available on Samsung’s device.


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