nexus 4 android 4.31 Changes in Android 4.3 detailed

Recently a Nexus 4 was sold ebay by a Googler that was apparently running unreleased Android 4.3 OS. While Google has yet to announce the software update to its widely used mobile operating system, which is most probably going to happen at the event company has scheduled for next week – thanks to this leak we have been able to get a sneak peak of what’s coming in advance. In this post we are going to tell you about changes in Android 4.3 that Google will announce next week.

These changes in Android 4.3 we are reporting are not based on rumors as we have told you the whole build of Android 4.3 has been leaked and available on the web.

As far as the leaked build of Android 4.3 for Nexus 4 goes the upcoming update from Google is going to be a minor one with improvements to already included features and changes that are mostly under-the-hood. Here are the changes in Android 4.3 Google might announce next week.

Changes in Camera app

android 43 camera app Changes in Android 4.3 detailed

Google introduced a new camera app in the Google Play editions of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One that featured stock Android ROM instead of the company ROM. Both of these smartphones featured a different camera app than the one found on Android 4.2. The new app featured camera controls at different place and a few new filters. Now in Android 4.3 Google is going to make these changes available to all Android users.

Location based improvements to save battery life

One of the changes in Android 4.3 includes location based improvements in order to save battery life. It has been reported thanks to the leaked 4.3 ROM that Google is introducing a new kind of system in Android that will keep the WiFi scanning on all the time. Although it sounds like a problem more than a solution this could really help Android devices in the long run. Searching for WiFi even when it is turned off will allow the operating system to use the WiFi triangulation instead of using the GPS chip for location based services. This will help third party apps to know the location of the user even without taking advantage of the built-in GPS – that eats way more battery than WiFi. Google might add some tools in the Android SDK to help developers in implementing this feature in their apps.

Changes to Notifications

android 43 notifications Changes in Android 4.3 detailed

Changes in Android 4.3 also include new features in the notifications system of Android OS. While details about the notification system are blurry at this point many suspect that Google might allow third-party apps to show user’s notification history as well as add ability for users to customize the notification bar much like they are able to install a custom home screen.

Bluetooth LE and AVRCP 1.3

Google is also reported to make Bluetooth related changes in Android 4.3. The company has reportedly added support for Bluetooth LE or Low Energy in Android by default, which means all the phones running the latest version will get the feature currently available to some devices. The Bluetooth LE is used connect with bluetooth accessories and addition of this feature could point towards Google’s plans of releasing more wearable gadgets including a smartwatch.

The AVRCP 1.3 support added in Android 4.3 will make it more efficient for devices to connect with different audio gadgets such as car speakers etc.

Other tweaks

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are several other changes in Android 4.3 that are of minor nature and are meant to improve the overall experience of the users. Some of the changes include auto-complete feature for the dialer, new emojis, new fonts and more. And of course the new update also brings several bug fixes as well.

That’s all we know about Android 4.3. Google is holding an event on July 24 in which the company will most probably announce new hardware as well as Android 4.3.

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