streetcharge New York City installs free Street Charge stations for smartphone charging

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and it has become key to our lives as it not only  helps us in connecting with our loved ones on daily basis but it  can also help us it contacting authorities and people when we are in trouble. One of the problems smartphone users face is when their device runs out of power and their battery dies. This can be a frustrating situation when you are away from home or some place that has a power source.

Luckily for the residents of New York the city has installed 25 Street Charge stations that will allow users to charge their devices for absolutely free of charge. These Street Charge stations have been installed due to the Sandy superstorm. When the storm came the power of the city was cut and people had to walk miles away just to charge their phone. Due to that the city decided to install these charging stations so they could not only help smartphone users on day to day basis but also become useful at times of crises when power is down in the city.

Since these charging stations get their energy directly from the Sun they can be helpful even when there’s no electricity elsewhere. The Street Charge stations will work at day as well as at night times. They will also be functional during the shady days.

Each Street Charge station installed in the New York City features six ports that allow users to charge their smartphones and tablets. Other devices can also be charged as long as the port fits.

The Street Charge stations are located in New York City’s five boroughs and have been installed in public-private partnership between the city’s government and AT&T. Currently the charging stations have been installed at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park, Governor’s Island and Manhattan’s Union Square. More Street Charge units are expected to get installed by the end of this summer.

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