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Intel has announced the new Haswell processors for laptops and desktop computers, which will be powering the new machines scheduled for release this year. The Intel Haswell Processors will replace the Intel Ivy Bridge processors that have been found in the devices released in last 12 months or so. The new chips by Intel are designed for faster processing and to provide the laptops of tomorrow with more battery life than previous generations. These are the fourth generation of Intel’s Core processors that started with the i series that include i3, i5 and i7 variants.

In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about these processors so lets get started.

Battery life

battery haswell Intel Haswell Processors launched, heres all you need to know about them

Perhaps the most notable feature of the new Intel Haswell Processors is that they will significantly increase the battery life of the laptops which is a great news for everyone. The new processors are said to be 20 times more power efficients than the Sandy Bridge 2nd generation processors. Laptop users will be able to get three more hours of video playback. Not only that but Intel has also made such improvements in its new chips that they will also be able to perform better when laptop is not in use or is in idle state than their predecessors. According to Intel users will be able to leave their laptops for up to 10 days without losing power. The more benefit would be for ultrabooks than any other type of machine as these notebooks have already been providing more battery life than their non-ultrabook counterparts.


The new Haswell Processors are definitely going to be faster than all previous generations of core processors. While speed will get a major bump in this new release Intel has focused more on battery life and  graphics making them the most notable improvement over the previous generation.


The new Haswell Processors feature the new Intel HD Graphics 5000 which feature a significant improvement over the previous generation. The Core i7-4558U Processor comes with Iris graphics, which according to Intel can handle some high graphics games of today at low graphics settings. While these graphics chips won’t be the first choice for gamers they are pretty good for vieo playback and will perform better at encoding and decoding of videos. According to Intel the new graphics chip is capable of coverting H.264 videos at up to 8 times faster than real-time playback.

Impact on hardware

thinner haswell machines Intel Haswell Processors launched, heres all you need to know about them

The new Haswell Processors require even less cooling than their previous generation so the trend of thin machines set by Ivy Bridge processors will definitely continue and we will get more and even thinner laptops in the coming months thanks to the new generation of Intel chips. While the thin laptops will have an advantage of less cooling the privilege would come with a price though. The thinner machines won’t be as powerful because they won’t be able to sustain their power for heavy tasks such as video editing and gaming but for usual day to day tasks they will be just as good.

Due to that Intel has introduced to different series called the Haswell U-series and Y-series. The Y-series will have 6W SDP while the U-Series will have 15WTDP. The Y-series Haswell Chips are for tablet-cum-laptop devices who have detachable keyboards. These are made for tablets as well as laptops that are around 10mm thin.

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