windows8start 5213093 Microsoft to bring back the iconic start button in Windows 8.1

For those of us who have grown up using Microsoft’s Windows operating system the start button that was always located on the bottom left side of the screen has had a significant value and we were so accustomed of using it that when Microsoft removed it in Windows 8 the biggest criticisms it received from its long time users was absence of it. It looks like Microsoft took the complains seriously as TheVerge now reports that the Redmond-based software giant is planning on bringing it back in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update.

Although the button is returning to the Windows it will not function as it did in the previous versions in which it used to open a drop up menu known as the Start Menu. Instead the start button in Windows 8.1 will simple launch the start screen of Windows 8 where users can access their apps through tiles.

start button win8 Microsoft to bring back the iconic start button in Windows 8.1

Start Button as it is right now in Windows 8

The button Microsoft is adding in Windows 8.1 is similar to the one which is found on the Charm Bar right now (the bar that appears when you point the cursor to the top-right corner of your screen). Windows 8.1 is considered to be a major update for Windows 8 as Microsoft is also expected to introduce more changes to the popular OS. It is also expected that Microsoft will finally allow users to boot directly to the desktop instead of the start screen. This feature will be available as an option in the Control Panel. Although Microsoft has plans of adding this feature they are still not ready to ship it with Windows 8.1 and will reportedly add it in the updates scheduled for further dates.

It is important to note here that Pokki, which was a replacement for the Start Menu for Windows 8 users was downloaded 1.5 million times. There are many other similar softwares as well that also received overwhelming number of downloads. This obviously indicates that Microsoft is listening to the market and changing the things users are not finding themselves comfortable with from Windows 8 – which is a welcoming step from the software giant.


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